A Danish groom who knows a man in a serious relationship, advising him on marriage with a foreigner

But if you really want to marry Danes, that's not enough

If you live in Denmark, it's time to get to know this fantastic countryFor many of us, this is synonymous with the brilliant Danish Kingdom of Andersen. Some people can boast of a deeper knowledge: about their capital, Copenhagen, and the oldest amusement Park in Europe. Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries, located on the Jutland Peninsula and on many Islands connected to the mainland by ferry service. Denmark has beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque coves, beech forests, wide prairies, and even a lot of historical places, castles, monuments, and museums. There are many opportunities and many temptations in this country. The unemployment rate is almost zero.

As a foreigner with a diploma, you can get a pretty decent job.

For example, if you have a doctorate, you can work as a nurse, if you have a diploma of teaching - you work in a kindergarten. And now a few words from the men.

According to statistics, one in five Danes can not find the right woman to marry, so single men, and some of them are looking for their happiness on Dating sites.

Many couples live in a civil marriage, which is recognized by the state. The family is sacred to the Danes and should serve as an example for them to emulate, they care about relationships and are not prone to change.

Those who work here can afford almost everything

Usually in a family both parents work, and this is understandable, because the product is cheap.

When children reach the age of, who very often go out of the house, they study and live on a scholarship.

Compared to other Scandinavian peoples, the Danes are always more natural and with a sense of humor that they have everything in order.

And, first of all, they are reliable and not spoiled by female attention.

Getting married in Denmark means living a calm and measured life.

Don't be afraid if your choice comes from a small town. The real Denmark is not a busy city, but a clean and well-groomed province, with exactly the same streets and cozy houses.

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