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On her Blog she tells her story

The -year-old British woman Michelle Thomas has experienced something that all of us a bit more keen on Online Dating, Meet girls in India and syndicate members passGo out, have fun, eat. She feels well, he obviously also, everything is seemingly perfect. However, the next day you got a detailed and harrowing message from your Date. Stand included: it was quite wonderful and pretty and funny have a great personality and he found her quite charming, but unfortunately, he could only be with her if she were thinner. You would be slim, he would marry her on the spot, because it is so unique and great, but because he did not want to make it even worse, he would finish it off. He was on his own mistakes, to forgive, to try him, and that was that. I was on a different Date as I read your message. He came back from the toilet and found me dissolved in tears. He was nice to me, but overwhelmed and has funny no more way since then, reported. You don't have to be into me. We all have a good friend, we view with regret and think 'you're great, but you can't just make me'. We would find you attractive, but our body and our brain does not work that way. And that's fine. What is not fine is the fact that you after only a few hours in my company, to sit down and to me this unsolicited message to write. This is just sadistic. The tone of your voice is sweet and condescending at the same time, but the forensic accuracy with which you take your disgust for my body, is really grotesque.

The only possible reason why you could write, is to hurt me.

And I am ashamed of something, but for a Moment it worked. Do you have a fear, which knows every woman was once a Teenager.

Namely, that no matter how funny, smart, nice, devoted, loyal, determined, adventurous or lively you're - if you're overweight, you will find no one is ever desirable.

I like my appearance. I don't look like Charlie Theron and that's fine. I look like I do, and I likes me (I'm sure I would like Charlie Theron also determines, if I find you ever. I've heard Good things). I have shown your message to friends of mine. They were shocked, horrified, ashamed for you and declared that you wanted to do you like to physical damage.

One of my male friends said that I would have a nice, also butt.

I laughed with him. Then I, in my self-help group cried. Yes, Self-Help Group.

I know that I am overweight.

Michelle has a Date with a Meet girls in India-acquaintance

I can tell you exactly how much - ten pounds. I've already lost seven kilos, and a few still need to get down. I'm happy with it. I'll get rid of the weight safely and healthy. This means that I have my Body now not can enjoy and love. I'll never hear from you again or see you (Maybe the urge comes over you to answer. There's nothing you can say to change my mind about you. Namely, that you're a disgrace to your gender). The reason why I reply to you publicly, and what I really concern, is the fact that you have a-year-old daughter. A talented Illustrator, Manga Comics collects, and as soon as possible after Japan wants to travel.

I want to affirm your daughter to love your body, to enjoy and to maintain.

He belongs to her and only her. Praise your intellect and your creativity. You get to challenge yourself and to be fearless. Give her the tools she needs to have a bomb-proof sense of self-worth to develop, so if (I'm nice, I say 'if') the day comes that a small, unhappy man it is trying to undermine, they can answer it the way I do it here. Yes, that's right. It is a disgrace this woman really would be to be together. But the Whole thing had something Good. Now Michelle is actively engaged with the Problem and Body the Shining, has announced the fight. The main articles and the Blog to receive posts daily via email. The Newsletter may include personalized Content and advertising.

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