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Thus, a spit began to run the gauntlet of the father

MEPs call for a change in the law, because the rapes of children have switched in the last five yearsAccording to National Crime record all minutes will need a child between the ages of two and years in India, miss. A small -year-old girl was raped by two-Year-old, what her poor parents went with the child to the police station and the incident reported.

In India, it is necessary that a first information report (FIR), a written document about a criminal Offense will be issued.

But, instead of one document, exhibit, gave the police officers the little girl a painkiller and sent back home.

As the child after two days, still heavily bleeding and her condition deteriorated, the worried parents, the girls on. April in the state hospital. However, since the father could not have the document, so the FIR, in order to prove that the child was raped, dismissed the Physicians, the treatment of the child.

Neither the police registered the case nor the Doctors started the treatment of the child.

The girl was allowed to remain in a hospital bed and pain got tablets, but that was it.

April, the head of the local Congress stepped in and the police under pressure. It is not the only message that is now in India for outrage. A -year-old girl, which went with the parents after a rape to the police, was raped again by a policeman. The policeman claimed that he would have had to examine the girl. Another girl is not allowed according to India attend classes, because she was raped. Class a private school was kidnapped, raped and then out of a moving car thrown in. She survived this rape. As you wanted to take part in the lessons, she was asked to stay at home. The school is afraid to lose the"good"reputation.

As this was in the media, turned on the Commission for women in Delhi (DCW) and wrote to the Department for education after you have offered the girl, it is only in the.

Class, if you would not attend classes.

Within days is now supposed to be a reply. The parents of the girl accuse the Director that the friends was forbidden to sit next to the girl. Sati Mali whale, the Director of the DCW said:"This is a very serious matter that girl be punished because of what you experienced. It is embarrassing and unacceptable in in the world today.

“ In Gwalior, in the Indian state of Madhya Praders, was raped a-year-old girl about weeks, from your brother-in-law and three other men, while her sister was present.

The police arrested late on Friday three more persons, including the brother-in-law. The -year-old sister of the Survivors was also arrested. After the girl's parents had died, had lived the-Year-old at her sister and year brother-in-law. After a neighbor of the police announced that a child will need in the house, miss, rescued the girl and in a children's home. There, the girl was examined and interviewed. The complaint has been filed against five persons. Also in this Region, sexual violence is on the rise, according to the Hindustan Times. Daily cases of violence against women and girls be reported. In August of last year, a three-year-old girl was in a nursery school in Gwalior for sexual abuse. In February of this year, was a four-year-old girl allegedly in a toilet of a school in the district of Jabalpur raped. In addition, six Gang-rape on a weekly basis. According to the latest Figures from the. February and the middle of February, women raped and Gang-were reported rapes. Of the rape victims are minors. After Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan, India occupied Somalia in fourth rank of the places where it is for women in the most dangerous. In Manipur, an Indian state with millions of inhabitants, women will go for now on the road, after all the minutes, raped a woman or girl.

All minutes are raped in India, a child.

Now Indian members are calling for a change in the law. After the year according to registration data, children were raped, the number has increased in the past year. But still many cases are not reported, is likely to be the number even higher. The Problem, however, is that the Commission is in Delhi for the protection of of children's rights for two months without a chair and thus not have a quorum.

As India reported, was arrested in Delhi, the police on three people, two women in New Delhi, raped and murdered.

The bodies of two women were found within hours after the crime.

Up, according to the Hindustan Times on Thursday

Yes, it is true that rape and abuse have increased in India in recent years by brutal rape gangs. As a reaction to harsh new laws were introduced.

Continue to brutal sexual attacks against women and children are committed.

Recently, we reported that brutal rapes are filmed with mobile phones, and as Video sold. Though India after the brutal gang rape of a -Year-old in a moving Bus in New Delhi in the law more stringent, to take the violence. The brutality of the rape Gangs has triggered country-wide protests.

See: Porn is a thing of the past.

Despite more stringent laws, it seems To want India's government will not be able to bring the Situation under control and to ensure the human rights of women and girls. The girls are already faithful followers after giving birth to a duty to submissive servants to men educated. Your destiny usually means enslavement, and they will be the victims of brutal rapes, to look at the police mostly stand by. But even in the schools the girls are not safe, because it is also the teachers are raping the girls. As the -year-old girl complained of pain from a boarding school on the belly, the parents and the Doctors made a terrible discovery. The little girls were pregnant. Eleven employees, including the Director of the boarding school in the district Baldham, were arrested in November for alleged rape of a ten-year-old students. We have already written about numerous rapes in India, alone, while we have this Text written, there were more reported cases. India: Minister wants to protect women from their"hormonal outbursts", instead of rapists - barbaric rape of orphans. The government is unable, and perhaps by men. There is The Red cross or similar can help here.

We can only help with pointing you again and again.

The Problem in India is the different cultures. According to the Indian women I've met on my trip around the world, need to be tightened the laws even more, and another Problem, are the different cultures that exist in India. But it's not just a Problem India has to deal with, globally, women and girls still belong to the"worthless people". I call it that because in many countries, a woman is unfortunately worth nothing. The rights of women and girls are still not recognised. Unfortunately, there are also women, to prevent this in the Western Countries. If women of women are attacked just because they are fighting for the rights of women, something is not right. A long history and, unfortunately, will not change this well so quickly. It is time that the women of this world to get up - Doro.

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