Anuschka Marchand explains why, in every woman a destructive goddess

Anuschka Marchand: Yes, absolutely

Reason enough to meet With the main actress Anuschka Marchand in a Berlin backyard, and to talk about the controversial Film, the life of women in India, the ideological chasms of Bollywood and the future of a society that is consumed via their mobile phones porn, but otherwise is a pretty large Problem with a naked woman skinIn addition, the-Year-old, who is in India as a pop star, very successful, and explains why you should not invest in a better with women. Bradl: do you Think the people were surprised at how the Film ended. In the Original his name is Angry Indian Odessa, which sounds a lot less to a typical woman Comedy. However, we were Actresses on the sudden turn of the Film is also very surprised. We had no script, the Film was improvised for the most part. Because we shot the Whole thing chronologically, we had no idea what would happen the next day and when we came to this turning point, we were all first-time outraged."Why is this happening. Why do you have to do. Now I understand it. This turn hits an emotional but so hard that it forces you to feel something. In the meantime, I think me art: not to feel If it brings you something where is the sense in it. Only because you have been touched by this scene, can you initiate a discussion. And that's the point. This twist comes so suddenly, is rape, for me, a good allegory. Also comes suddenly. You see, the not really or can prepare you for it. That's why I find the Situation in which the women are in the movie, so understandable. This is what happened, we are overwhelmed, no one helps us. What is left for us. We had this one Screening in a really beautiful theatre, in which a man was, very excited about the end of the film. He stood up and said,"What are you propagated here. But it's not about self-justice. The women act, the reference to the goddess Kali, which we have in the Film. We have the capacity, we are very a lot of shit to pull in, because of the need to it and you get used to them eventually.

But people need to understand that you can bring a woman only up to a certain point before you will be really angry.

Every woman has potash, and if you get to a certain point, it will destroy you. How were the reactions in India to the movie. I remember that we went two, three of the Actresses and I to a demonstration to the cinema to see the reaction of the people and us two girls have discovered. You have nothing to say, you just came to us and gave us hugs. And then it became more and more young women. We hugged them all and had tears in his eyes. This really moved me. You even had to say anything, it was just clear that we're all in the same boat.

After all the shit that is happening in India, me this Moment really gave a good feeling.

From friends I've heard that people stood up for other ideas after the movie or clapped. That does not happen otherwise. It was a small Triumph. The people begin now to realize, slowly, that a woman can draw a lot of viewers, and in the last two years, there were actually a few movies where the main character was female. Apart from that, it's just not happening. The people in the industry believe that you need a man in order to sell a movie and, of course, if possible, well-known Bollywood Stars. Then money is invested and your movie in many cinemas showed. In our Film, there were problems, because we have in India a censorship authority.

Your task is it to certify a Film as either"U' release for all age groups, or"A' sharing for adults, in between there is nothing.

Actually, you only assign the share, and if it is a movie for adults, he runs uncut. You censor, however, also movies. If you are of the opinion, that in your Film, something happens, what you feel for Indian society as inappropriate, it will ask you it to cut out. To the goddesses they said at the beginning, that we can't bring this movie out, because that would not be a movie that should see the Indian audience.

They wanted him to ban.

Finally, you have told us then that we cut to Make things out of it, and all swear to hide the words. On the same day a movie is by the way came out, in which the male The main actor says three times per set. Not even a body had to be cut out, where a half-naked man,"Oh, Lunch. And he was still naked half the time. In the scene we are superior to women, where we want to go to eat and then the sweet comes by a neighbor and it is a set in the direction of the Oh"look, there's our Lunch. You have told us that we need to switch the word"Lunch' mute, because in order for the man to object would be made. Then there were a couple of other Places where it is totally incomprehensible was that they were censored. You don't want to, that we say"Fuck'. But now here it is Serious. Everywhere you can see the uncensored Version only in the country in which it would be most important to you. We were even asked, whether we cannot take a male main character with a pure, there is a dance scene.

And we were all so Please.

Have you seen the movie at all. In an Interview for Bradl has Director Rabidly Hossain times declared, how much the influence of Bollywood on the rap Culture in India. That there are special"Item Dances', in which women, for example, sing, that you are like a chicken and of men is eaten.

I think the German title is also somewhat misleading

You need to like a formula a PR tool. Music plays in the Indian film industry a very big role and can decide whether a Film is a success or not. In many movies, whether it fits the plot or not, there is the so-called"Item number. In the dance a Top Bollywood actress to one of these songs and therefore is then made commercials for the Film. Often this is very sexual authoritative in relation to the wife, and I think that's pretty shit.

In India, there are two things, the love of the people really: Bollywood and cricket.

Everything else is lagging behind. You can go into the smallest village and the people there are every single Bollywood actor know it is so something that has a really big impact on society. A lot of people take this very literally.

They think that it is okay for a girl to climb, because she giggles and then nice and it actually also wants.

This has to do with the reality of nothing, is the fact that in order to allow advertising for movies is made, but normalized. This is changing and there are always more films that tell a very different story, but this change happens slowly. And no one supported these films financially, so that every single Person can be seen in India also. It is a business. You're pumping money into a movie that you know for sure that he will bring it to you again. I think that's how it is everywhere. You know, I think it's crazy how much influence advertising has on our society. To me, it is almost as if they wanted to feel a dressing for certain things and to think. We are bombarded with things that we need supposedly to be happy and even if you're empathic, you have no time to care about someone other than yourself. You don't have time to think of other people and their rights and animals and the planet and the environment. You're too busy trying to survive and that sucks. The Only thing that penetrates all of this Shit and makes you feel something different, is art.

If you have no art, if you don't, what strengthens your back, it is damn hard.

I'm so proud of this Film.

For me, it has changed a little.

I don't want to make, which means nothing. For example, I work as a Bollywood Playback singer, there is a right industry people, the sing for the actor and remind me of a certain Situation. I went into the Studio to record a song for a movie, and as I read the Text, I thought to myself: do you Want me kidding. I'm going to sing.

What would you have to sing.

It's been a really long time. Just a typical, stereotypical, cheap song about how amazing my body is. In the meantime, I'm self-conscious enough to not be able to say if I agree with something, but at the time I really didn't know what to do. My brain was frozen and I just left the Studio. Then you called me and wanted to know where I am, and I said:"Um, so, my brother was arrested and I must now immediately on guard. Laughter you didn't know, of course, that I feel good lie, and this is a decision of my career, definitely. The son of the man who wrote the Song, is now making really fantastic music, but we don't work together, because he knows that there was this incident.

I am now at a point where I just with people would like to work, right attitude is the only way you can create things that make people really feel something.

But in India is really something changes, it will take some time. Most now have access to the Internet and start to be a bit more open, but some people have no idea what is happening in the Rest of the world, or don't care simply because they are busy with other things. In India, many people see porn on your phone, because almost everyone has a Smartphone. You look so naked women on their phones, get but then the crisis when you see one in Shorts on the street. We have a hypocritical society. I think we take us as a society to seriously. You come to India, where the Kama Sutra came from, and see the temple with these very explicit pictures of men and women in all sorts of positions. We have all these really beautiful things and do still, as we would be conservative. Did you know that there used to be a part of India, a beef ban. To me it is no matter, I'll eat anyway no meat, but it's so hypocritical, because they worship on the one hand, of the cows, because they are supposedly sacred, at the same time, we export much beef and Kuhhäute. Actually, it is with women exactly the same. They say that a woman is Achim, who brings wealth into the house. You should be a goddess and at the same time there are all these Attacks, men beat their wives and generally treated poorly. I know that we have it better than many of our neighbouring countries. I can theoretically say and wear what I want, while women are not allowed in other countries, to drive a car. But still, For me, it feels as if India was in a constant state of confusion. On the one hand, we are modern and progressive, on the other hand, we have a very conservative culture and the country is torn between these two sides.

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