Blackout in India: power outage hits millions of people - MIRROR ONLINE

The international airport was also powered by generators

Hamburg - traffic lights and air-conditioning systems, trains and U-tracks, hospitals, shops and offices need to hire emergency generators: A day after the huge Blackout in the North of India down is now also in the East and North-East of the streamThis is about the half of the country is without electricity, affecting around million people. Also in the capital city of New Delhi there is no electricity.

The news Agency IANS reported that hundreds of thousands of people were stuck in long-distance trains.

Energy Minister Sushi Kumar Playing yet optimism: The supply will be made in the course of Tuesday, he said. On Monday the Mega-Blackout in the North of the country, had put the public life in a total of nine Federal States for hours, lame.

Experts declared it the worst mishap for eleven years

As an emergency measure networks were tapped in the West and the East of the country. According to information from the energy utility PSOC the power grid was overloaded, probably because of some Federal States had retrieved more power than you state. 'Everyone is pulling to much from the network. I met with representatives of the regional energy supplier and arranged that those should be punished who have covered their share,' said the Minister of energy try to buy some. 'Your allocation could have been reduced. In the hot summer months, energy consumption is rising in India significantly. Failures are due to bottlenecks in the supply of and the outdated pipe network are not uncommon. Yet, it is not the government managed the electricity supply the increasing demand. SPIEGEL ONLINE All rights reserved reproduction only with permission of the Reflected GmbH.

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