Cardiff (Wales) — As the little India at the airport of Cardiff sees the strange woman from Germany, she runs quickly, jumps into her arms and squeezes you tight. Then are you surprised that the woman from Germany and her Parents crying. Four years ago, Indians parents desperate to find a Savior for your ill with leukemia daughter were looking for. For months, the search for a stem cell donor proceeded without success. The Problem is that The tissue characteristics of the donor must match that of the blood cancer patients to percent. Every fifth leukemia Patient loses the race against time. Then finally: the perfect hit. A woman by the name of Sindy from Germany.

However, Indians parents held to the usual requirement of the hospital: at least two years of no contact with the donor.

But now it was time

A day before the Indian’s fifth birthday donor Sindy flew for a long weekend with her own daughter Nora to Wales.»The Meeting at the airport was an incredible Moment. All cried, it was so emotional,»said Indians mom Shelley White,»Wales online». In the evening, the families went out to dinner, Sindy got gifts: a chain with Fingerprints in India, a heart made of Welsh slate, a football Jersey of Cardiff City. And a very special India-Sindy-Scrabble-love the image. The next day, they celebrated with many friends and family members of the Indians fifth birthday.»To this day, there were a lot of tears,»said mom Shelley.»All were excited about Sindy and thanked him for having saved India’s life. “ On Sunday, the last day, we went to the beach. India and her new German friend, Nora raged around omitted. Shelley White:»Sindy said that she would like to pack in your suitcase and take. You said that you would love your crazy Welsh family. We had an incredible weekend with a very special Lady who was a Stranger to us and now to the family. “ On Monday morning, the farewell. And of course:»There were a lot of tears,»said mom Shelley White. Who in Germany, girl like India would like to help, you can check with the German bone marrow donor file (DKMS)