At night, it's like sitting with a friend on the Internet

The weather is almost nocturnal, snow has fallen slightly in the window and silence reignsWe decided to laugh with her. I was on the site. As usual, there were perverts, Negroes, and only the stupid ones. Since I was already hoping not to meet anyone interesting, I was going to close the window, because suddenly a new interlocutor appeared. That's what Tanya says. Do you think there's going to be something cool now, or what are you waiting for? I don't know, but don't turn it off.

I have a feeling that now it will be something cool.

We could see the black screen in front of it.

I was just about to turn off the picture.

There's a man sitting with a package on his head. The picture was plausible. He began to walk over to the screen and remove the package.

I screamed, and Tanya started to choke.

I tried to close the window, but the mouse didn't work. She began to turn and laugh. Only then did I realize that he was a child. Oh, my God, the poor thing. What's it? Please turn it off. I feel sick when I pray to Tanya. Suddenly the picture was gone. Black screen again. Thank God I sighed, I said. But it wasn't there. Another private person.

It was so quiet and peaceful and boring

Bath in the foreground.

The girl came out of the bathroom.

She wore pajamas at night, and her hair was down. Clary sat back on her heels, pulled a knife from under the tub, and stabbed herself in the stomach. I heard a high-pitched scream. My nerves are already gone. I forgot my tan and was trying to find a way to turn off my computer. I unplugged the power cord, and the computer turned off. I turned around and turned pale. Tanya didn't do it. I checked most of the apartment, but she wasn't there.

I went to the bathroom.

Tanya was lying there. God, thank God she couldn't do it.

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