Good to know: in Order to prevent misuse, can be made to the identity verification and the activation of the Prepaid card only of the Person who registered the SIM card. Please have a look at the registry, all of the first names on the ID card or passport, are given, and Your E-Mail address. Please avoid this Tip error, as this will delay the activation process, or could even prevent it. You need for the identity check, and releasing an acceptable and valid identification document. The legislature prescribes for the protection against abuse that, prior to the activation of a Prepaid card, an identity check must be carried out on the basis of a valid and approved identification document. We need Your E-Mail address to give You important information about the process and the Status of Your SIM card activation. In addition, You will receive after the successful activation of Your new phone number, or information about the number portability. The used identification documents must include certain holographic security features, minimum information about the Person and a photo. Not all of the world’s outstanding identity documents conform to this safety standard. Depending on what identification You want to use, procedures, the following shall apply: Approved Badges: You can check Here for which method Your identification document is approved. The identification is carried out by a specialised service provider. Our certified Partner»Deutsche Post»is one of the leading providers in the examination of a contract Online. Only the Person who registered the SIM card, you can use the Video Chat.

The valid and acceptable identification document must be kept ready, there is also a Computer with Webcam and microphone or a smart phone Tablet with camera is required.

You can Video Chat via the Internet Browser

The Browser should support Web RTC, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. For Internet Explorer is a Plug-In is required. If You are using a Smartphone or Tablet, You need to in the further course, an App for Video Chat use. The App of the»Deutsche Post»(post ID App) You can find in the Apple Store or Google Play. A stable and fast Internet connection, it must be ensured, and the environment, and Your face must be lit from the front. Please make sure that Your Webcam and Your microphone is connected and available. There is a stable Internet connection is required. Please make sure that You can print out the postident form. The nearest post office, You can find here (LINK: Google Maps) Choose to identify post-Ident-procedure in Your post office, and prints then the displayed postident-Coupon. As soon as the examination of the ID was completed successfully, we will activate the Prepaid card. To protect against abuse of the activation of the Prepaid SIM card must be a personal identification. Therefore, the sole indication of the data is not sufficient. Just go back to»SIM unlock»and start the post ID again, or print the postident Coupon we have sent You already via E-Mail.

If the

Activation was not successful, we will send You an E-Mail with the appropriate information. We put on our Website mechanisms (e.g, Cookies) for the smooth function of our Website and for Marketing or analysis purposes. For more information on this and how the use of the mechanisms can resist speak, you will find here