Colorful kaleidoscope: India - a whole country in a frenzy of colors - WORLD

In India, bad things happen to incredibly

On the one side

And on the other is it is the country in which the beauty in glittering colors befuddled the senses.

Where beautiful beaches, gods in Neon fuse colorful and the endless transport crawler to an expressionist painting. Where Henna on the woman's arms snakes its way to the head, and the shadows of the night as the Evil of the dazzling colors of the day. India has given the world the Holy Festival, the Hindu spring"Festival of colors". An occasion to gather by now, people on all continents, with the color of the powder throw it on and revel in.

Holy, as in the Western world, is committed, has little to do with Religion and much to do with the Party.

Holy, as in India, is committed, has a sacred meaning and is associated with Blessings and processions. What for all the Holy festivals worldwide: gender boundaries, age differences no longer play a role, colors, cover the ditches of the company, and of the Beat out of the speakers the streets are transformed into a glittering pigment disorder. But the colourful pop candy is also rapes the Land of the group and of the negative headlines, the Land of abject poverty and cruel injustice. A evil sparkling kaleidoscope. India is not black or white. On each trip, the colors mix in a box of watercolours of the impressions. A different picture emerges. A theory of color in the India tourism. This color is available in India for courage and sacrifice, as well as for renunciation and detachment. India's traffic is such a mixture of Red with rage and Yellow with envy. A blurry Polaroid from cows, people, trucks on the opposite carriageway rumbling Cars and over-the-hill Ambassador. Traffic rules are subject to interpretation, and each traveler will do well, this is a Problem on a driver to pass, what is common, inexpensive and relatively safe. Even safer, the train is - because that's where the sit sleep not fellow travelers at the wheel of an oncoming vehicle. On the Track the Land order to his Chaos, in seven classes, seven shades of Orange, which leave a limited room for manoeuvre.

Who wants to book a train journey, a couple of exciting evenings.

The classes can be chosen on a scale from negligent adventures to boring safety. Who wants to do mainly track, and without prejudice to reach its destination, should refrain from close contact with the Indian Travel day and the First class to choose. It is undoubtedly an experience in terms of must be local colour renounced it - but there is no shortage anyway. India cannot escape the India-travelers, no matter how expensive he eats, sleeps and travels. In India, among other things, for the defense of the evil eye. Parents surround their kids eyes with Lampblack, to protect them against this. Whether man or woman, anyone to India travels, like a Firefly in the night. The result looks are. Boring, curious, questioning, lustful, dark eyes. What helps: darkness in General, and Unobtrusiveness. Women, like men, should be limited to long pants and long sleeve blouses shirts, just in the North. Instead of colorful spaghetti strap Tops without a bra, a dark blouse with a high-necked button simplifies the travel bar immensely. And free according to Karl Lagerfeld: It looks even better. Blue is the color of the sky and of infinity. It is also for domestic peace.

While we measure in Europe our cities to the number of bridges in comparison to Venice, dipping the Indians of their cities in a paint pot.

So Jodhpur, for example, in the case of the"blue city"in Rajasthan.

Residents and a manageable Repertoire of traditional sights (fortress, market, Palace) of the place is rather in the category of Indian small town impressed all the more by its colour: The houses of the old town are covered from top to bottom with Blue.

Originally, the houses colour was a kind of ancient Graffiti: The inhabitants belonged to the caste of the Brahmans. Today, one no longer sees in Jodhpur so closely. Blue pays to the Image of the city, looks good and supposedly has a right to profane advantage: It should discourage mosquitoes. This color is available in India for purity, but also for unhappiness and pain.

India has a woman problem.

Better said, a Problem with the women. They count, especially in the North of the subcontinent, mainly as a cost causer. It is said in a proverb: A girl is raising how to pour the garden of the neighbors. It begins with the dowry that lays like a heavy fog on the marriage. Although officially banned, it drives many families into bankruptcy. The abortion of girls is forbidden, although, even today, Standard. More: a girl Comes to the world, is not it killed, rare or dies of neglect. The age of five years to reach only half as many girls as boys. Who will reach the adult age, to be expected, not infrequently, action, rape, and forced miss see.

In India girls are like porcelain in a world full of left hands.

The country is in this respect not a white vest, the Problem outshines every splash of Color. Who is going to India, will feel this attitude towards women - also due to the fact that in some country, the road image in the nearly woman-free.

India also red, green, pink, blue, orange or purple

The color Red is in India for love and beauty, but also for fear and fire. India is a Table of fireworks without TÜV-certificate is: You never know what's in it, never as fierce or harmless it is. Only one thing is for sure: The impressions burn into the memory like a spark in the tablecloth. Alien download spontaneously to the Chai at the corner a, the rituals are, of course, shared with sign language further, a helpless look is enough to get a helping Hand enough. The grey everyday life is blown away like ash. If you want to experience the fire and purity that needs to Varanasi travel, the waiting room for death. The city on the Ganges is one of the most spiritual places in the country and a lesson in humility and impermanence. It is also the city in which all the colors of the country clubs and the thick brown of the Ganges. The city of the gradients. Violet is in India for suffering, grief, and worry. Everyone who goes to India on holiday, you should not expect that the attitude towards tourist is inside a different as compared to the women of the country - only that the West is ahead inside the Image of the slight girl. By the brutal rape of an Indian woman in Delhi in December - and subsequent protests - is the theme of the world and also in the country, more and more into the focus. Everyone who looks into the face of India, had to now on the blue under the continuous eye look, which can also be used with a lot of Makeup won't cover it. Popularly violet is considered to be the"color of the last attempt"- for India and for the women it was time. However, a change or a turnaround in the country is not much to see. Rape is still a taboo subject. And for tourists, nevertheless, omnipresent.

You should not go at night in front of the door, not to remote places in the car, always after the security check, not alone in a Taxi, no one in the cab get on, and so on.

The only leaders are some of the tips from the travel to and from the websites that accompany the tourist, and the tourists on a Trip through India.

There are so many precautions that it is impossible for the follow.

Somewhere the risk is always lurking. A bit of a must to rely on his luck. And the fact that it is not to the Extreme. The color stands for sweetness, femininity, fragrant and soft.

But also as color of the welcome Pink is known.

As the Prince of Wales, Edward VII. announced his visit in the city Jaipur (Rajasthan), had the local Maha Raja Ram Singh with an idea:"Let's get the entire city as a sign of welcome pink paint. “ Said and done: Today, there is even a law, which obliged the inhabitants of the old town, to preserve the pink facades.

The city is divided into rectangles, each dedicated to a specific craft - it is considered the first"planned"city in India.

Through the small window of the Hawa Mahal, the famous Palace of the winds, used to be able to observe the female members of the Royal house, the hustle and Bustle on the street in front of the building - sweet femininity on the one hand, imposed Chaos on the other.

In Jaipur also the historic Observatory, January Mantar, is more than a coincidence - what a better place it would be for the key hole to Infinity.

Green is in India for hope and new beginnings. The Land offers incredible Potential for beauty, for carelessness, for freedom and equality. Where there is no"the country"or"India"at all, much too big and diverse the subcontinent is. Who would like to travel around as a woman alone, which can really only be discouraged. Who is so much advice, are parts of the country to the South, like Kerala or Goa to the travel. Here it is calmer, with less risk and more equality. Here the Yellow is still for the endless beaches, the Blue shimmer of the lagoons, and that the resulting Green radiates from full power. Ultimately, India is a bit like an initiation ritual.

No matter how much or little on a trip is happening, the Green behind the ears is then still there - there have been mixed but all the other colors.

Finally, the colors mix at home according to their very own The rule of law.

At the end of India golden shimmers.

Not a pure Gold. But it feels warm. And is hard on the soul.

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