Danish customs, life and mentality-residents of the Danish Kingdom

But if the party is planned for the whole night

Somewhere in the North, hiding behind the Scandinavian Peninsula, between the North and Baltic seas, the Danes feel quite comfortableIt seems that these northerners are simply shy and do not want to upset anyone and attract unwanted attention to themselves. It is hard to believe that the Danes were once subject to a huge, in fact, colony - Norway. Because the Danish language, strange and funny as a bird's dialect, is similar to the old and.

This is not a coincidence, so in any multinational company it seems almost certain that the Danes will be reunited with the Norwegians, Swedes or Germans in the worst case.

Not that guests from a completely different part of the world can take their own with them, and the shy Dane is more likely to admire and admire this foreign Indian or Korean from afar. Not children of the North and not a guest on the other side of Danish land will probably not take you to their hearts. A person with an average temperament seems too loud and active, restless, etc, which will one day lead to to complete incomprehension and rejection.

Dancing, Stripping, even singing

The Danes need the opposite, because the polarity attracts, or something very native and familiar - for example, the Swedes themselves or the Norwegians. Therefore, to form a friendship in the Sicilian heat will not be difficult and will become eternal love, or with a descendant of the Vikings. Completely the same Danish parties mean a Danish perception of something exotic. Danish boys can quietly hang out with a girl from party to party, and it is quite likely that they are considered in love with a couple. The girl's activity also traditionally causes a reaction in each dog - no. What happens inside it, whether it's waiting for a call, being more active, or waiting for it to ring, means something or not - all of these and many other test schemes that are common to almost the rest of humanity don't work with Danes.

So can they be so local and in a geographical sense? Returning to the party, you can not help but notice that they have there is an incredible, its own peculiarity: if the tracks are designed for midnight closing, elastic due to the pace and national temperament indefinitely, not to mention routine work.

In this case, set up for a temporary party, the Danes drink a little, a bottle of the same weak beer as themselves, and go home tired, complaining that today, it seems, they have rehearsed a little. There can be no spontaneous continuation of the Banquet speech - they are configured and will not change. And if there is fun from other countries - here is another thing. Accumulated over the months pull the order and regime, rules and rigidity, intertwined with a foreign temperament, out. Infected in General, the music, beautiful people and from the national cocktail have caused freedom of movement (so that no one sees it, does not understand that it is the Danish heart that is burning), which the Danes definitely leave. And they drink, are not ashamed of anything or anyone and mix, despite the recommendations and characteristics the human body, alcohol in all combinations and proportions. But this is only the Danish side of life and temperament (if that word applies to it at all) - night, so to speak. In fact, if you admitted to yourself in the heart of some Danes that it is strange, in his cold blond head, everything is hidden in his cold blond head, not letting go, thawing over time, will penetrate your heart, then it will be slow as a flower with a plain head, his soul will then open in all its fullness and beauty. It turns out that. smart, well-educated and seemingly once-it's just quiet modesty, good manners and respect for another culture and dislike in a foreign country inflate by themselves. And it is possible that when you borrow with such difficulty, you should take on the responsibilities of a friend, compared to Danish men or women, in order to find a real, real friendship and write books. Here it is indescribably useful and persuasive - or rather, it is a very good idea, and it's the safest thing to do in secret, as a lawyer. Despite this external rigidity, isolation and even seemingly boundaries, the Danes are very sophisticated. It is enough to mention their art, their mysterious, elegant, cold complexity and rigor, with their secrets that do not reveal themselves. What is the value of Danish cinema or Danish literature? Strange art with a million meanings, currents, stones that still exist, meaning between the lines, etc.can not love, but still have to calmly stand aside and calmly ask and admire the volume of work on the plot, meaning and the important task of copyright. Danish nature, as well as the people in this country. Cold, distant, and rudely shy, which, however, is very desirable to know.

Such an unapproachable beauty, with sweet but expressive color shades, the most bizarre and curved forms, like the Danish soul.

Just as eloquent silence, many secrets and therefore attractive, are as rare as others.

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