Danish spouse: family traditions, culture, features

What is their secret? Let's try to understand this

The Scandinavian countries are already called the best place to stay for no more than a yearIn these Northern countries, everyone can enjoy life in all its forms. Traditionally, life here is beautiful not only for residents and tourists (by the way, not as numerous as in hot countries), but also for families. Don's wedding is one of the most interesting options for a girl from almost every country in the world.

And not only the beauty of the country, but also local features, because the Danes have always been among the most popular contenders.

First of all, it should be noted that despite the cold, by our standards, climate (in summer the temperature rarely rises above twenty degrees), Denmark is a strong agricultural country. And this affects the understanding and image the lives of the local population. We are trying to explain how the level of wages of the local population allows them to have not only an apartment in the capital of Copenhagen or another large village, but also a house outside the city. In most cases, together with a Danish house and a certain size, they buy a plot of land next to them. Very well, but since it is not customary to stay on the ground here, the Danes often still work in both places.

It can be both a vegetable garden and a garden, so if you have experience of caring for you, chances are that it will be useful for you.

The most effective desire to enjoy everything there is (including providing a small plot of land for a vegetable garden) is a very useful Danish devil. In General, to one degree or another, it is formed by residents of most European countries. It may seem greedy at first, but after living here for at least a while, you realize that behind this frugality lies the real concern of other people. In European countries, taxes are very high, so here they offer free medical care and education. And after deducting them in your hand, there is always a place where you will find a smaller amount that was in the beginning.

And here the Europeans are trying to use it most effectively.

For example, the Danish financial average person is quite capable of buying his wife an expensive car, but would prefer a more modest and cheap one. The typical Dane corresponds to her approach to the monetary decree - has, as a rule, a very quiet and calm character. To fully exercise their emotions, these people do not like - because it serves a very good, serious reason. Danish tolerance towards them is fully manifested in the family and everyday life. In their understanding, there is no division of exclusively female or male responsibilities and activities.

Simply because it is more profitable

And the local, for example, is happy to be with the child when the mother has other things to do. Here there are cases when women work, and ordinary men have more opportunities to care for their children. But the best option is, of course, to stay together and spend time with the whole family. All common issues are tried to be resolved even after a General discussion, which once again underlines that this is not the case. It is not necessary to regularly see us with my husband's parents - Danes and grandparents, as a rule, have something to do even without the education of their already adults and children.

On the one hand, it saves you their annoying attention, on the other - sometimes it will not be someone to whom you can ask to look after the child.

Sit down and wait for the moment when they will be very useful, they will not be straight.

In this case, you will have to go alone or hire a nanny.

Denmark, one of the Scandinavian countries, has one of the highest living standards in the world. Not many people in this country are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a good life with benefits and services. For example, here payments after childbirth continue until the child reaches the age of flight. But the hospitality of the state it also applies to newcomers - if you travel around Denmark for a long time, you will receive free Danish language courses. Denmark is a small country whose capital, by our standards, has a very modest half a million inhabitants. The rest of the city is even smaller. And often the journey from work to home or vacation at a resort here takes much less time, larger countries. That is why in Denmark the Bicycle is quite often used as the main means of transportation.

This is not only economical (remember, we talked about the reluctance of Danes to buy expensive cars?), but also healthy - thanks to this, the entire nation as a whole is doing well, and residents, even in old age, lose weight.

Arriving in Denmark for a wedding is one of the most popular routes for newlyweds. And this is not in the popularity of local men. The fact is that the local legislation on marriage has been significantly simplified in comparison with other countries of the European Union. Prepare mountains of documents to you don't need to get married here. And a marriage registered in Denmark will have exactly the same status as in any other country in the world. Perhaps that's all there is to it, but it is better to ask your fiance to clarify the details with the administration of his municipality. Of course, all documents must be translated and legalized. Be prepared for the fact that all procedures can take up to several months, with our bureaucracy that you are probably familiar with. You send all the documents and then wait for the decision of the Danish municipality. You will check all the information, and then set the date. You can pick up your documents and prepare for the ceremony. It is easy and difficult to get to know a citizen seriously, even in Denmark.

It is difficult - because this country is very small, and the percentage of unmarried men is lower than the percentage of unmarried men in many other countries.

Easy - because finding a Danish wife is a special phenomenon. What are the specifications? Statistics show that Danes marry less than in other European countries. So that if East Dane decided to settle down, then the application for the choice of a wife is very suitable. This means that most of them are so popular that we have Dating sites that are not automatically applied - they are free and do not give any guarantees. Neither the result nor the accuracy of the information. However, you will certainly find a number of Danish questionnaires. But here we come back to the essence of the problem.

The fact is that Danish laws, which are so loyal to representatives of other countries, then quite strictly regulate who can get a residence permit or citizenship in their country.

Danes must prove their financial capabilities before marrying a foreigner - because first he must give his wife all the software until she is officially allowed to work. And, of course, the sums involved in this case should not be confused, significant. So that at a wedding in Denmark, you can go far from everything. And even if one of these people will approve on any site given that he has passed all the procedures, he is still not able to control. Simply because the sites do not provide control over incoming information. When you realize this, God forbid you were cheated, you can spend a lot of money and emotions. Avoiding such an unenviable fate is quite simple - use the services of professionals, so as not to act indiscriminately. Valiant Marina did the right thing-once joined the largest international wedding Agency in the city. The girl heard about the negative experiences of friends who acted alone and did not get anything but excess nerves. All the girl did was come to the office, fill out a form, and then take some photos for her. After that, no more than a few weeks passed, and there were already several appointments. Some were going well, some not so well, but ended as expected, and others - her marriage to the Danish mark was almost formalized. Mark is a middle-class businessman, which makes him comfortable to exist and not deny yourself the opportunity to regularly visit warmer countries, your homeland, Denmark, countries. Now he and Marina accompany him and his wife on these trips. Using the services Marina got rid of the need to somehow control the available information about You provided by the interlocutor. Besides, she knew what mark was up to at first, so she was able to establish a line with him. During the consulting support, the Agency's employees, of course - the difference in mentality, from time to time gave knowledge, knowledge and experience to the employees, allowing them to smooth the situation over. Thus, the path, fortunately for Marin, turned out to be convenient and it is easy to repeat the same thing and his experience. Keep looking at the screen of your mobile phone. Even if you are in the shower, you will be interested if the call is not made. You can't focus on things because it's worth the distraction, the heart of the surprise: missing a call. But we can consider ourselves very careful and sensitive, but when it comes to loving relationships, women's intuition often fails. If hormones are to blame, then the thought"I knew it wouldn't work out"often condemns women after or just before divorce. I wish I knew where to drop the straw - it's a soft landing.

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