Denmark, the first exhibition. Live the dream

The campsite was not only far from busy roads and trails

Denmark was different, in the sense that it was not like on GermanyI start something new and soft, along the road where the bike path ran, the intersections with the roads were painted blue. The person whose request for a trip we wrote replied that he was going on a trip and gave a link to a site where you can find a place to stay for the night, because there is a network of free campsites in Denmark. As in the early afternoon, we spent a lot of time in Germany, having to drive almost until sunset.

We also decided to try our hand at paying for camping, but the prices are only good for owners of camping cards, and activating the card only makes sense if you use this knowledge at least once a year, with such confidence we did not do this, so we decided to prove that it is Danish free camping anyway.

For motorists, the road ended at a natural center in the middle of the fields of the old airport building. Despite the second point, the entrance door the door was open, and we could collect water and go to the toilet. At the top was a huge room on the Peninsula, occupied by fields, so I stood alone, covering the entrance, the road. At first, it was a diagram so that we could determine which direction we should move in. The direction ran very fast along the road and in the distance went to the fields. It was not possible to go there, so we went along the road and tried to find out what could lead to additional costs in that place. We thought that maybe it was just a clearing on the Bank, and were already ready to just stay with a small Bush, which we finally reached. Since the edge was closer to the water, there was a strange gate that apparently no one had ever used, but it was a sidewalk.

I went ahead, walked along a forest path, saw a tent, and announced Valentine's Day.

There were two tents, and they were standing next to their structures, which were nothing more than shelters for Spain.

Funny to say goodbye to I was afraid that it wasn't too late.

They were a family with three children, having dinner in one of the sheds.

The place was wonderful, we put up a tent and, sitting in the second umbrella, began to prepare dinner.

After finishing your meal in the moonlight, you saw a magical moon track sparkling in the water. The trees hid the surface toilets, which we visited before going to bed and set fire to the street phone. Maybe it's an excess of detail, but I want to talk about this place, just as the bathroom was very typical in Denmark, but not typical was cleaning and hanging up a toilet roll. No less relevant for us was camping in the morning in the sunlight.

Birches, birdsong, a cozy clearing in the Bay, jellyfish swaying in the coastal waves.

Here you can relax for a few days, swim, read books.

As much as he wished it were at home, it was the same

For fans of bonfires and barbecue, there are three fireplaces with a special design, where you can put pans or just put sausages. Everything is for people. Before the next destination can be reached in two ways: along the great Danish island to the East or to the West. We chose the West, which I suspect was a hasty decision, because the Eastern part of the road we were driving on the next day was very flat. And today, like a liner on the high seas, they rose easily and descended again. And so many hours in a row. Absorbing compared to the Danes, because all these descents and ascents were bike paths, along a normal route. There were no drifts, and for every mile they were perfect places to relax with tables and clean toilets with drinking water, paper, and mirrors. Signs periodically appear on the road, for example, that you can rest with a toilet after a few miles. So, companion, spare Danish nature.

We have a very pleasant lunch, sitting in the shade of large trees, and that not many of us are happy, we immediately throw out the garbage.

In fact, in Germany itself, garbage bins are rarely left behind lunch, sometimes take an empty package until the evening. Among other things, the presence of empty boxes: In many European countries, supermarkets in supermarkets are equipped with automatic filling of beer, cans, plastic and glass bottles. And, as a rule, the more expensive the larger bottles of water and soft drinks are. Therefore, if you are on a budget trip, do not throw away empty containers, especially not in Germany, where you can buy a liter of milk if you exceed two bottles or cans. Tara, further North, is cheaper, and food is getting more and more expensive. Let's go back to Denmark. On the main road we go through forests and fields from hill to hill, with slides uphill. Fortunately, it didn't take long, we didn't even have time to get excited.

In the village there were three fences, two farms, our owners, a Finnish-Danish family communicates in English.

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