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Many tunic models have no undercut, a low cut

Each country has its own culture, habits and lifestyle, which determine the coinage and style of clothingLife in Denmark, judging by emigrants, can be described as fair competition. If a neighbor bought an expensive car or went on a trip with his family, then it is unlikely that the second neighbor will be jealous and look even more to show off. The indigenous population does not like frills and hides them in opportunities. This is evident in the quality of clothing and accessories - a modest standard. How do you dress women in Denmark? What is so special about the Danish style and explains the large number of fans outside the country of the Vikings? The average city prefers simple, comfortable and high-quality clothing. Copenhagen and other major cities in the country lack fashion, especially in the evening, but today we are talking about mass market categories. Mods don't apply to this. The first thing that catches your eye is eyes-comfortable blouses, tunics, trousers. They are not wrapped around the figure, but are sewn in a straight line and displayed from the hip or knee. Skirts and dresses, as a rule, cover the knee or reach to the ankles. Trousers that are too heavy to be called baggy trousers, an old craft, hanging hips and buttocks, return to Denmark for the first time, they surprise with the rough texture of clothing. Some tourists joke that bad things are in fashion. They are close to the truth, because a formless model quickly appears in specialized trading. Women's dance wear with a tight-fitting registration form is not so high. Many people buy him sweaters, huge t - shirts with the shoulder of the other. The art Nouveau style is slightly different from that of other European countries. On the streets, you can often find girls in tight jeans or trousers, tops with an extreme cutout on the chest or back. Scarfs and stoles are among the top ten bestsellers of clothing. In the cold season, scarves take over the leadership, and with the onset of heat - they give way. Tunic with a comfortable fit, which corresponds to the concept of comfortable clothing for Danish women, hence its use as a casual, work and cocktail dress. The peasants of the country wear them with jeans, leggings and - if the length reaches the ankle-instead of dresses.

The buyer can order and pay for a tunic, I don't know.

A happy life for ordinary people in Denmark, a country with a stable economy and no corruption, gives them confidence in themselves.

Mini - Danish girls are not very popular

It is clear in appearance, manner of behavior. The average customer prefers Danish brands of clothing. In Copenhagen and other cities, public design is enough. Mostly, manufacturers offer clothing for the middle class, again taking into account the mentality.

The collections are designed for consumers of all ages and sizes: for young people-thirty, clothing for curvy ladies-fifty.

In the presence of a Danish brand's collection: Women's vests and pullovers are often worn under a tunic that is matched in the same color. Dresses - clothes for special occasions, go to them for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, meetings. Models of European brands in this category are not considered specific to the tastes of local consumers, so it is worse for local clothing sales. Every second Dane who enters a store is looking for products of a certain brand.

A company's national priority, even if there are such expensive brands among them that there is no domestic demand for them.

Manufacturers must export to the countries of the EUROPEAN Union to sell there.

The basis of the Danish style is stratification.

Women are so adept at obsessing that at first glance they make the items they deliver seem incompatible, emphasize their virtues, and hide their flaws.

As for the color, the emphasis is placed on practicality.

Black is a favorite color, olive, Buzzard, and all shades of beige are also on trend. These colors are popular in every season. In the country a lot of emancipated women, no one is surprised by a separate account in restaurants and a differentiated budget of a married couple.

For brides, Denmark is not the most attractive country, because the women are very beautiful.

Aborigines grow tall, slender, fair hair.

They have the usual features, an arrogant attitude. Men are proud of their farmer's wife. As the wife of the Danish live in Denmark with foreign men, it is not difficult to imagine. Men love comfort, take care of themselves, in a trusting relationship, even cold, marriage in a rational and cold-blooded, money is not enough. A compatriot, through PERMANENT residence in this country, leaves the image of a beautiful, caring woman, an experienced hostess in Denmark.

Just because her husband doesn't notice.

They take care of the children - a family heirloom, they take care of the work of both parents. Both spend a lot of time with the child. Denmark has a predominantly indigenous population.

The natives belong to the distrustful Danes, as do the inhabitants of other countries.

They behave coldly, politely emphasized, more distanced.

There are no language problems, even if the foreigner does not speak Danish.

The residents can speak English - you can explain it.

The attitude to a foreigner in the team, in the store, during transportation largely depends on the foreigner himself. If a person is friendly and polite, they will hear it, ask for it, explain it, and help. Just like everywhere else.

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