Denmark will introduce sex education courses for refugees

Let the children be forgiven a hundred times

It becomes part of a big eventFor the first time, we have launched our own line-the"Most OK"award, where for the favorite project in each categories will vote for the best movies, TV series, songs, entertainment, live streams, online, concerts and blogs for twenty years, and an exclusive plaque will appear on your adventure, as well as you will be able to see who managed to break the guidebook at this stage Take every day until the event's th anniversary. In fact, the greater the support of those who participate in the award, who love you, the greater their chances of winning Who is the most important person in the world? Then he would never have let you down, you know? Of course, these mothers, children and adults and all honest people will say. Mother, mother, mother, dear mother, in order to live with you more easily in this world, today I want you to worry less, not to be sad.

All these beautiful wishes of the mother

Mother's day is so, so clean, so gorgeous, a celebration of light.

And eyes that Shine with joy, and so many good, different petitions. Every day, everyone will be fabulously rich and magically give good moments. When the sage was asked:"Is it worth ruining the children", he replied:"Of course, to spoil them, no one knows what trials life has prepared."It doesn't matter what League you play in. It doesn't matter what club you play in. It doesn't matter how much he breaks records.

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