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Often you don't know how a That word is written

Easy to reference and write correctly - with the default dictionary for the secondary schoolWith Tips for the job search, professional formulation helps to Initiative and online applications. Words to Forget much too beautiful, this lovingly crafted title in the spotlight. The digital 'dictionary' will be installed as a program on the Computer, and can be used to Search directly when Writing. Duden online provides you with comprehensive information on spelling, grammar, and meaning of a word. The dictionary shows the proper use as well as the pronunciation and origin of a word and lists its synonyms. If grammar, spelling, word origin, or good style: The language counselor holds a background in the German language, of the important rules up to a strange phenomena for you. Here, we provide an Overview of the official rules of German spelling and punctuation, as well as advanced tips, explanations, and recommendations of the Duden editorial Board. Therefore, frequent misspellings, which are entered in the Duden should lead to the correctly written tag. Here you will find tips and background knowledge of the German language, they can immerse themselves in specialized topics, or just a fun language to try out games. Entertaining information about the German language, or rather information on current Offers. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Here you will find the Podcast of the Duden-language advice with interesting facts about the German language to Listen to, and Download. Patterns offer seven of our renowned dictionaries that we you Apps, with numerous additional functions such as the intelligent search function, or Conjugation and Declination. The Duden library is the innovative and proven software application of the Duden dictionary, for access to the electronic dictionary content from the publisher. We offer professional texts to the German language, read samples from our books and Essays The subject of the German language for Download.

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You can use the spell-checker online to your texts, saving time to correct spelling and grammar check. For over years, Duden has been the decisive authority for all questions on German language and spelling. Here you get a fascinating insight into topics related to the Duden. In the area of trade, we have tickets for you our current publisher, preview, and order and stock recording forms collected. In this section, we provide the Services spell check online, Duden language consulting, technical Support, dealer in the area and interesting facts about Duden.

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