Exclusive book extracts: In orgasms around the world:"here I come": Henriette Hells Sex adventure in India - in FOCUS-the

For this, she travels around the world

Henriette is looking for the perfect lover, giving her an orgasmFOCUS Online prior to your adventure trip in advance in book excerpts. This Time: Western pornstars and Sex with Tiger Boy in India. Henriette Light is disappointed by German men - because the take care of in the Sex, usually only to your own interests. Therefore the journalist went on a Mission:"I was traveling for an indefinite period of time around the world and in every country, I make crossed, with a Local Sex.

In the hope that men in other cultures, relaxed and loving with the female orgasm, and I finally find a man was, the me is not pure selfish reasons to orgasm, wanted to bring - but one that was to get me virtually at random times really.

“ (Banal) reported to you by your travel from India via Cairo, Tanzania, New York, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Istanbul, Paris, Peru to Rome."Can you tell me why so many Indian men stare at, as I would be the Eighth wonder of the world.

“ About your experiences Henriette has written a book

Sometimes they lick even on the lips, or afterwards, call me obscene things. What the actually think.Quite simply, we are referring to Indians percent of our porn from the USA and Europe. And since only white women are always to see. Thus, certain associations come about, of courseOh, then, the Indian men think that all white women are totally Horny and pervert it, or how."As soon as the door dropped behind us into the castle, pulled the Tiger Boy, the actually Doreen was, to my Surprise, completely naked, came up to me, undressed me and lifted me on the bed. His small thick Penis was already erect. But instead of me, Doreen with a breathing exercise. This raised and he lowered his muscular arms. As much as I longed for to our Association, I remained a good girl in the Nude and waited anxiously. It is a kind of fertility ritual, in which Doreen to my bed, danced around, and finally over to me bent down and gently kissed her on the forehead followed. I hardly dared to move, wanted to get involved on what Doreen had in mind with me. He, however, started about me pushups - apparently to illustrate his strength and manhood handed it to me, and I pulled him to me. It was incredible to finally feel his soft skin on mine. My every pore was panting now, caresses, and so it was not surprising that I was already the first shock, so to speak Nirvana shot:"Yes. Positions, one of which I had not even known that it was you. Almost resembled the Sex with him on his crazy Show. He was surprisingly different and absolutely awesome. Later, he wanted to know if we were now together. I saw Doreen this a little differently."If a woman sleeps with a man, then that ALWAYS means something,"he said and looked at me desperately."But if you told me your feelings, just play"He broke off, clasping her hands to her face and sobbed."You just used me, true's."Next week: Henriette Bright in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where she has the worst Sex of your life. In the interests of our Users, we reserve the right to check every post before publishing. As a registered user. You are automatically notified by E-Mail when your comment has been unlocked.

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