Facts about Denmark's Dani Ioannina eyes (photo)

In Denmark, these are very delicious sweets

Moreover, even in the simplest shops that can be found on almost every cornerDanish sweets are so good that a kind of subculture has formed around them. Almost every Great Dan will tell you about their favorite rolls and cakes, as well as where you can buy them. Despite the passion for sweets, suffering fullness will not satisfy. Most stores are closed for five to six days. So if you need time to shop, you should hurry up. This is due to taxes. The longer the store is closed, the higher the tax rate. The average tax that an employee must pay is equal to the average amount of their earnings, which they set when they are hired. The bid may vary depending on the level of revenue. A number of advantages can be considered. Most Danes are already confused and can't say exactly how many of them the state takes, but everyone as one is sure that it is too much. Employers must feed their employees. Breakfast at seven or eight in the morning, lunch at twelve at night, six hours later. For this, each employee allocates about fifty euros per month, the rest goes to the employer.

The most common mode of transport is by Bicycle.

And this, first of all, not out of love of nature or historical practice. After the Second world war, gasoline became scarce and was used to get out of the situation. Bike racing sets the whole nation apart, famous cyclists for them are like a rock star that you can talk about for hours.

This is probably due to the cult of a healthy lifestyle

For most Danish unattainable luxury cars, the tax on ownership of this vehicle is one of the highest in Europe and higher than the cost of the car. The car tax can be reduced by removing the second-row seats and thereby increasing the size of the trunk. Reinforced special body bars, similar to the safety cage in rally cars. In Denmark, the most audacious drivers (after cyclists) are bus drivers.

Buses must run per minute (at stops there is a Board on which you can see how much time is left until the next stop), and if something POPs up, everyone will be very angry.

Transport is free, but you must provide a unique ID to access it, which completely destroys your anonymity. Danish women are not very beautiful. However, this may be due to their dependence on comfortable Cycling clothing loose sweaters informal sweaters, leggings, soft and comfortable, low-slung Slippers. Here the Danes deserve the attention of real Vikings. And not just from the outside. For the Danes, the birth of a great event, a child.

And my father takes care of it almost completely.

Of course, this is not because of breastfeeding. But changing diapers, feeding with a spoon, and getting into a stroller is not a burden, but a real privilege of the Vikings, which they are proud to implement. By the way, this also applies To the house of Effort. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, and going shopping are all common things for Danish men. What they talk about with pride and irony.

There are no buildings with more than six floors in Denmark.

But in fact, the first floor is not considered a floor, so officially five floors, the first is called. Real estate in Denmark is very expensive.

And this is not the best quality.

Often new homes in cities have more than a century of history, rather narrow rooms and floorboards. Cheap apartments (those that cost no more than one Euro) are usually studios, where not only a shared bathroom, but also a kitchen can be part of the hallway.

An integral part of the interior is a large flat-screen TV.

And the reason is clear: after six o'clock in the evening, Thun becomes almost nothing. Anything you can imagine other than a TV or a very expensive one is unhealthy. That's why everyone watches TV. After the evening, of course. Danish humor is unbearable. Instead of birthday greetings, this is a perfectly appropriate turn of events. It doesn't matter how small you are. Danish is also insufferable. A huge number of sounds (which, in fact, is the norm for Scandinavian languages) melts with sometimes inappropriate sweetness, is pronounced with surprising promiscuity, and you do not write the letters that you expect. For example, a street word that doesn't just read. Something in between, where it comes from, when it is clearly written, what in all other cases and how it is read.

In General, if the relief, then the Danish language something similar to French speaks German.

The Danes are very enterprising. They feel very strong and will never experience a shortage. It is said that this already worked when the Danes stormed all of Scandinavia, and modern Sweden and Norway were their territory. But only then did they trade in the sword, and now in the"long ruble". That is, the crown.

The Danes are afraid and probably don't like the Americans, because they are the ones who are more flexible in business matters.

Denmark has a very strange climate. Almost all year round, the temperature is in the range of degrees Celsius. Well, and the rain. Strong, a little, but there is always some sky. The Danes joke that their summer is different from winter only by the fact that the rain is slightly warmer. I make medicines in Denmark. Insurance is paid by the state (or your own tax). In every district there is a"doctor's house"where he must go go if she gets sick.

If you are more than five kilometers away from his previous residence, you can change the"doctor's house"if this is not possible.

They don't throw plastic bottles in Denmark.

And not because they do it deliberately, but because used plastic bottles cost money. Collecting and delivering plastic bottles is not only shameful, but also profitable. And here's how it works. Buy a bottle of coke in a plastic bottle, leave it for twenty kronor, the person at the checkout pays a little more, leave it for twenty-two kronor. These two crowns are the so-called guarantee that you can return by walking past the bottle in the reception area.

They are usually found in all supermarkets and do not give money, and the receipt is delivered in bottles, which you can pay at the same supermarket as part of your expenses.

Thanks to this system for plastic containers used on the streets with fire is not found. I don't know why, but there are a lot of hairdressers in Denmark.

If their business is not subject to draconian intrusions if this is the only thing they can do for emigrants (i.e, in cases where they have such institutions and work in them).

In Denmark, almost every shift you can buy flowers in vases and candles.

Both are placed on windowsills and create intimacy, as they live there, and for passers-by.

As with all the facts about firm stereotypes and patterns, as I was and knew in some countries, and in other cases convinced that almost any nonsense. In Denmark, this was not the case, but I think that all these posts are quite normal.

indeed, many fathers go for walks with prams, friends meet and instead go to bars with children for walks, while men are very beautiful.

Often new houses in the city have more than a century of history, rather narrow rooms and floors with boards.

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