Foreigners leaving India: 'guns in, people out' - n-screen TVs

There are no plans for a Meeting

At a peace demonstration in New Delhi, the Indian writer circularity Roy has criticized Western States for their arms exports to India and Pakistan'Take her in your arms and bring your people out of here,' said Roy. Among the suppliers were the USA, the UK, France, Russia and Germany embraced, the USA, the UK, France and other countries have advised their citizens living there with a different urgency to exit the crisis region. During the first foreigners left at the weekend from India, tried to both India and Pakistan to dampen the fear of a nuclear war over Kashmir.

His country is not 'going to behave impulsively, said India's defence Minister George Fernandes on Sunday in Singapore.

Pakistan's Military Rulers Perez Musharraf called the fear of a nuclear war unnecessarily. 'I don't believe that one of the two sides so irresponsible to go so far, he said the n-screen TVs partner station CNN. The battles on the border in Kashmir continued on Saturday and Sunday. The immediate danger of war was triggered in mid-may by a massacre by Muslim extremists against women and children in the Indian part of Kashmir, the India-Pakistan joint responsibility.

No Meeting between Vajpayee and Musharraf, The Indian head of government of Atal Behari Vajpayee from the castle after his arrival to an Asian summit in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a Meeting with Musharraf.

He will, however, draw calls seriously into consideration if there is evidence that Musharraf to prevent his promise of a descendant, the infiltration of Muslim extremists in the Indian part of Kashmir.

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