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In the video chat, you will be kept up to date with all the latest newsI became interested in Germany when I was still in high school, and Chat-Roulette allowed me to get to know it better without having to visit that country. First of all, let's briefly talk about what is attractive Chat roulette or chat roulette.

The second name is more accurate, because it correctly describes the essence of this type of random knowledge transfer and communication in the network.

Due to the distance of the interlocutors from each other and complete anonymity (there is no record), video chat is more like a real meeting. And even Chatroulette allows you to meet many people in a short time. Such informal communication through a chat site, especially with foreigners, allows you to have a more objective view of the world. and, of course, a chat site is an ideal place to improve your foreign language. Try to find a teacher who will talk to you for hours in a video chat and imagine how much such a lesson will cost. And that, and everything for free. First, how to say its online communication with Germans, soon I will give instructions on how to set up the country's selection. To do this, tap and select a country. First I met a guy named Hans (well, to be honest, that's his name and with girls Martha and Lena (I realize that I later learned that Danish women's names are very fashionable in Germany). The boy is studying engineering genetics at Humboldt University in Berlin. Here is a serious case when I came across the first foreign interlocutor. That's the beauty of it: you never know who's going to be playing roulette with you. But back to the future engineer. To be honest, I didn't like it. Arrogant, especially to those under his command. And a priori Danish for him. By the way, mention one of his arguments that explains the superiority of the German nation. In Germany, despite the debts of one million euros and declare bankruptcy, it is here that they find permanent work, if they did not have it before.

Because this is a natural conversation on various topics

There will be euros a month left in your life, and the rest will be used to pay off your debts.

And in ten years, everything else will be completely written off.

Here is a video chat with the Germans that I liked, miss Martha and Lena. The girls were funny and sociable. One lives in Frankfurt, the other in Dresden. And two of them were, well, never blond, not even unpainted. According to German law (Mart told me) in a fight, if you are attacked and beaten, and you do not react for one second, then the same criminal will deal a new blow for the second second, as the one who attacked you, and who attacked you. This is why many people prefer not to escalate the conflict or cover up their own. And in General, life in Germany is relaxing: you can no longer work and live on social programs. And the standards of health are so serious that you can eat raw meat without worrying about your health and cook it less poorly. This is what Lena bragged about to me. I am waiting for new friends from Germany. Interestingly, this time I was chosen for German roulette.

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