Girl killing in India

Every day are aborted in India about female fetuses

For the average Europeans, it is hard to imagine what you must endure a lot of women in India every yearAlthough Indian women have been awarded in the past years, significantly more rights and also more and more women in India, working in management positions of large corporations, but what happens behind closed doors, only imagine, the least. Kill for the Tradition of Killing girls in India to become a Tradition. As babies, they are drowned in milk, burned alive or poisoned. This"Tradition"in India has a long history and belongs to many families of"good sound". Who brings a girl to the world, gives birth to an unwanted gender. With the achievement of new technologies, it has recently become possible to detect female foetuses by means of a D-ultrasound very early on. This allows for a systematic killing of the unborn girl child. Hard to imagine the number of unreported cases of unregistered abortions.

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