Good questions via WhatsApp to a young. (Girls, Guys, Meet)

So have even talked about this already

Hello, I would like to have a boy several questions to ask such normal questions, how old is he where does he live and what Hobbies he has, I have already asked maybe even ideas of what I could ask him because we don't find a topic of conversation and he also has meetings at the time of no timeThank you for your answers more detailed questions about the Hobby.

what if he still has what he does in the morning billion options Forum.

What I could ask him now. A few months ago, I asked him, since he had no time, what he could prove. (Hobbies, driving license, school and so on). Slowly I want to think of me time to meet with him and my big sister, I should ask him via WhatsApp.

I know, So I now have 'buddy' in love with me

what do you think I should. I have a boy in my class I really very nice.

We've known each other for years and met his friend and my girlfriend.

I've been thinking in the last days times.

I would like time alone with him. Now, my question is, can I ask him on Whatsapp or is that too impersonal. It is before all things now to the guys out there. Also, I'm so afraid he says no, Please give me a few tips. Now, still so inexperienced, I'm suddenly become ill and would like someone to write, that I can't come to a previously responded positively to the invitation.

I just temporarily sick, I don't want the other think that is a lie.

What sounds best. So stupid the question seems, please put yourself in my Situation and no stupid comments please. I write a seo great-looking kid, the Chat is boring and I don't know what I can ask him. You tips, to learn of him. We talked about family and Hobbies, what I can't questions so that the Chat is boring.

hey so I'm in Love with a girl met, you and I and how should I to a Meeting question is just on vacation but I got to the front of the is to your vacation question is whether we want to meet, I got several rejections from girls get the where I about Whatsapp asked so you have tips on how I could thank you in advance I have a Text written in German and wanted to ask if someone volts.

about to read could correct it, if necessary. I have the Text as an Exercise for a class to work next week. Summary: The published short story"The window theater"by the Austrian author Ilse Aichinger, is about a woman who is subject to a misunderstanding, that her older neighbor was crazy, so she called the police, although this has only listed a"window theater"for a young boy. As the Old palms off on living the light, awakens the interest of the woman who lives in the penultimate floor of a renovated house. While the wife is still undecided whether he my, is it now safe because of your knowledge, the apartment is empty and below a workshop is closed at this time. As the neighbor begins to wave a white cloth, far above the parapet, to blow with the scarf and then as a Turban use, is the woman certain that this man was crazy. After the Old man does a head stand, called the woman to the police, in order to make these over the neighbor's attention.

When the police breaks the door, noticed that the man with his back to them still at the window.

The woman looks over from the window and finds that a boy faces, laughs, over, waving, and his on the pillow and the blanket around the shoulders.

The woman now recognises that the old man has listed a window-theatre for the young. The author wants to Express with this story is that communication does not always consist only of words.

Meat am female and.

Have degrees of contact with a boy like me. Maybe the will to write what We in Whatsapp for almost weeks, but we will never find a topic of conversation. I question him sometimes, but now, no questions come to mind. do you have any suggestions as to what I could ask him questions, or what we write. -) hi so I've recently learned a guy and we immediately hit it off very well, I like him a lot and he me, we were able to write so much and so but somehow, we currently have no conversation topic anymore: (now what. Hi there, I have a boy met, with whom I have good contact. I invited him once to a Party, he wrote, that he is super happy. However, he was in this sick day and couldn't come (he probably had no desire, but has apologized personally to me and gave me a bag of gummy bears). Now almost months have passed and I wanted to meet him in the holidays, because we understand each other really well personally (for WhatsApp dead pants). I don't want to be annoying pathetic over there. Should I ask again. Hey, I'm going on Friday with a boy in the ice disco. We write all the time and know already very much on top of each other. The Problem is I want to continue to write with him but topics such as Hobbies, interests, we've been through all this already. Should I ask him what we should write or is there any games on Whatsapp.

I am he Hey I got a few weeks ago I met a boy via Whatsapp.

I've been writing for some time with a boy and have interest in him.

We are both years old and have been with us a little to know (Hobbies, interests, family). Now, we always ask ourselves each other, but I no longer fall slowly. Do you have any idea what I can ask him. I was just playing a game with a boy in a game by a Answer the question, and then I he a the me. I have no good questions. Perhaps you still have some ideas. I've been saying 'Thank you'. Hello Community, about a month ago I got my 'swarm' via Whatsapp after Meeting demand. This she refused. Now, my question is should I ask you again. If you could help me how and what should I write to her I would be very grateful to you. Lutz today, I met with a boy from the Internet. we will write about WhatsApp. I wanted to ask him right now what's between us, because we know us longer so we have already written months and very often on the phone and I think I have feelings for him but I don't know how I should ask him if he wants me too Please help me. With the XBOX Game Pass, you can play certain games for free, is this free time per game is limited. The Game Pass is something else. c) there Is a Combi - both, or do I have to if I want to play some games for free and also online want to complete and play both subscriptions. I like a boy really fond of, and I also sometimes get the feeling that he likes me too. At the moment, we write about Whatsapp, but I don't know what I should ask him. I don't want to be too pushy. an idea for a good topic of conversation. I know a young and we see ourselves in for the last time, stop good and stuff and I have no idea what I can write to him. I know all of his Hobbies and stuff like that, and we've also talked about music and school and everything. And I want to ask him any question with sex, or whether we meet or anything of that kind.

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