How do you celebrate Christmas in India

An Indian family moved in to the apartment below you

Leo has new neighborsThe daughter Kalitta told Leo a lot of exciting stories about India."Celebrate the people in India actually Christmas. “ wants to know Leo."Yes, the Badi is called' and it means 'the big day',"replies her Kalitta. Only about, percent of India's total population are Christians. Therefore, Christmas in India is an official holiday."Decorate your a Christmas tree.

But the alone are already millions of people

“ asked Leo curious. Alatas visited family every year for Christmas her grandparents in India."Yes, but my grandparents decorate any fir, but a mango tree or a banana tree. And hang colorful Strings of lights outside the house,“ says Kalitta. December is ushered in India, the celebration of Christmas with a midnight mass. Then the people 'thrust Nadya Baras wish for'.

That is to say: 'Merry Christmas'."On the first Christmas day the whole family meets to eat, says Kalitta."We then sit together Outdoors on a large chalkboard.

This is because India is warm all year round.

To eat there's usually curry, rice, vegetables and meat dishes."And in the evening we make a big camp fire. I am looking forward to actually getting the most. “ says Kalitta, laughing."My grandma giving my grandpa every year the same gift: a lemon. “ The lemon is handed over to India the head of the family as a sign of reverence."Most of the Indians celebrate but no Christmas, because they are Hindus. They celebrate instead, in November the light,“ says Kalitta."Hinduism is an Indian Religion that People in rebirth and an eternal living soul to believe."The light is fixed 'Dawai', and takes a whole four days. Everywhere small oil Lamps and candles are lit in the Windows and on the roofs. Thus, the people of the goddess of fortune to their homes. According to ancient legend, the goddess Achim only brings people happiness, have decorated their houses with lights. That's why a lot of Indians buy a lot in this day an Extra. After all, happiness beckons to you. The other days are dedicated to family. You eat together and the children get gifts."Oh great, I need to tell all the same magnifying glass. “, says Leo and runs off."Thrust Nadya Baras. “ to call you Kalitta still on the shoulder.

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