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In order to obtain a more accurate result of the Search, enter additional terms in the top search barThe subcontinent, India is the second most populous country of the earth and is, in terms of population, as the largest democratic country. India is a country of contrasts, which is also seen in its geography and its climate. And for anyone visiting India, it will remain unforgettable. What you've experienced or how you travelled there, the country will change in any case.

We had to learn on our journey that you can't prepare for this fascinating country: it All comes differently than planned.

India and neighboring Pakistan celebrate their independence. August, ended the British rule. After you fought for freedom, it came to the division with bloody expulsions. Many people crossed the borders to Muslim Pakistan or Hindu India to immigrate.

In the South of India there is a Holy temple, the women were until recently not to enter.

However, two women have visited him and a Huge fight triggered. Here's what is behind it find out. Islamist terrorists have killed in India's economic center Mumbai with a series of terrorist attacks around people and injured around. In the night of the. November, the with machine guns and explosives to the armed perpetrators attacked a strong animated targets. The Republic of India with over a billion inhabitants according to the population number according to the PRC. Place in the world. About the people of the earth today live in India. The Indian sub-continent up to independence of the two countries, India and Pakistan in the years of long years, a British colony.

India is a country of many contrasts

Already during the colonial period, various national independence movements emerged. With the discovery of the sea route to India, first Portuguese support emerged there points. At the beginning of the. Century was founded the English East India Company offices, among others, in Surat, Madras, and Bombay. In India, the rainy season is so hard for a number of years more.

Particularly hard the city of Mumbai, it is true.

Actress Judith Döker has lived two years in India, a country full of colorful costumes, exotic dances, and a multi-faceted culture.

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