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'Some people say that she is like a goddess

March, the little Lala came in the Indian village of Sani to the world - and is now the most famous personality of the RegionPeople from all Parts of India and all over the world come to visit, said the village-mathematics teacher Carsharing Singh to the Australian channel ABC. As international media reports, is revered for the child, in the meantime, as the incarnation Agnezas, an elephant-headed Hindu deity. Ironically Agneza, among other things, as the Lord of the Sciences, but they come in Sani currently seems to be a little short. Because of the health condition of the girl little is known, because the parents reject it, according to Doctors, further medical investigations. The parents are not sufficiently aware of the fact that you should allow to treat your child, said M. Ahmed, a doctor at the nearby nurse looked after house of Safi, a member of the team, the Lais of birth. CT or magnetic resonance Scans of the head would have been able to provide more accurate information about the condition of the child.

However, the rejected parents, according to Ahmed

'I offered you the CT Scan for free, but you have ignored me', quoted by ABC the doctors. According to the parents, Vinod and Susman Kumar the child is doing well. The girls eat and breathe normally.

'I feared at the beginning of a bit,' said the girl's father on Sunday in Nidda, kilometres North-East New Delhi.

'The doctor said after the birth, everything is normal. Why should we let you operate. Lala'll be fed by the mouth, the other the Baby to use the sucking of the Thumb.

Bridge Nadir, the local doctor, reacted angrily to the media hype about the child.

'It is not an abnormal child,' cried the doctors of journalists.

'She has only two faces, and leads a very normal life.

If she dies, it's God's will. Whether surgery would be appropriate or not, could according to experts, only with the help of CT or MRI Scans to clarify. An Operation would be, but in any case, a complicated and dangerous process, particularly malformations of this type are extremely sown rare and specialists, according to thin. In January, about a girl came into the world in the Dominican Republic, at the head of a second skull was grow. After surgical removal the child died.

In the past year, a then two-year-old was Indian girl who had come with four arms and legs on which the world operates.

Her parents had named the child according to the Hindu deity Achim, which is represented as a woman with four arms.

The girl, the supernumerary legs and arms were removed in a marathon operation was successful.

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