You can help SOS village councils in India: you support an SOS children’s village and its neighbourhood help. They help needy children and families. The Dalai Lama Since he years a very good cooperation between the Tibetan community in exile and the SOS-children’s villages. Both support organisations to implement the SOS children’s village for Tibetan children in the act. the first Tibetan SOS children’s village has developed from a poorly-made children’s home in Dharamsala, a city in the North of India, where a large number of refugees had settled. Today, in India alone, seven SOS children’s villages, where Tibetan children have found a home. Other SOS projects for Tibetan children in Nepal and in the Tibet Autonomous Region in Lhasa. Latest news from the projects of the SOS children’s villages in India, you can find here.

Moving stories and Video documentaries from the SOS children’s villages in India: Learn our SOS children and staff. Girl killing, dowry murders, rape: the extent of violence against girls and women in India is appalling.

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Two-thirds of the people in India live in poverty.

Most women and children suffer

Learn more here about the reasons of poverty in India. Worldwide, the number of child labourers has declined. However, in many Asian regions such as India, millions will continue to Children exploited. Millions of young people in India are unemployed. The SOS children’s villages give disadvantaged young people through training is a chance for the future.

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