India: Indian love the village of the girl

The men drink, beat women and children, many to be dead

The village life is at the endNow the girls of the village have taken your destiny and your place. The daily routine of an Indian girl looks like the following: It goes to school, comes home, works at home, cooks, or cleans, takes care of siblings, doing homework and goes to bed. Because one thing is clear: women have to be subordinate to the man. Abuse and rape are common, girls die of neglect because they are less than boys.

Indian love is from the outside a very ordinary village, told our correspondent Silke Dietrich.

It is pretty isolated from the outside world - Silke is extra danger for us there. What makes the village so special: girls in the age between and years, have got together and about their problems - which are at the same time the problems of the entire village. And they take care of solutions. Something that has never before existed. The club, the girl ensures that the village is going to the dogs. Because Indian love has a big Problem: in Percentage terms, it is the place with the most widows in India. Many men have died because they have built drunk accidents, or drunk themselves to death.

The infrastructure is miserable

Most have started Drinking, because you have lost your Job.

As soon as you earn some, you spend the money for alcohol, or ask your family to Fund your Addiction. In the evening, the men loitering on the street and molest a girl coming from the school. And to suffer also the home of the girls, including, if the father is drunk. Domestic violence is on the agenda.

Initially, the girls of the village have turned to government aid organisations, and at some point, the thing itself taken in Hand.

A first step: you have taken care of street lights, because otherwise at in the village, literally, the lights go out. Also, you have to ensure that a library was established. The next big project is already planned: The girls want to make sure that your village is connected to the bus network. In short: What sounds to people who grew up in the city, of course, is for the girls from the Indian love of a big deal. At the Meetings of the club, however, is not only logistical problems are discussed. Also, the sexuality is a large subject that is taboo in India. With the backing of your Girls Clubs, the girls have to take care of funding for Bind. Also, you can go in school classes and tell that child marriage is illegal or that girls are allowed to say no when relatives touch you intimate.

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