India: violence against women and girls

India is a focus of the SOS children's village work

Sons in India to apply as breadwinner, heir and heirs - daughters because of the expensive dowry, however, as the risk of povertyGirls a year are aborted, therefore, on the subcontinent, according to a study published in the medical journal 'the Lancet'. Due to the mass-selective abortions and girls killings in India one speaks of 'fungicide', 'Fötid'. India, according to a study that was presented, the woman hostile country among the great Nations of the world.

Since we have been involved there for children in Need

In the Indian society, widespread violence against women and girls.

In spite of the legal equality of men and women of the subcontinent is in the study behind Saudi Arabia in the last. Please save a young girls life. Your donation gives vulnerable girls in India a Chance to a self-determined life. Today in India, there are SOS children's villages, of which a variety of social projects and going out. Smart girls, strong women: In the fight against the discrimination of girls and women in the SOS children's villages put on education. In New Delhi the alleged rapists of a-year-old student, who died of the consequences of the extremely brutal act, before the court. Women's rights expert, Ischia Kaul, explains what needs to change in India.

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