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The dowry has been used in India for centuries of Tradition

India's women will ways, in many discriminated against: abuse, abortion of female fetuses, abduction, and rape are not isolated incidents, but a mass phenomenonThe low estimate of women is also reflected in the still frequently demanded dowry of the bride. Originally, the bride's family provided her daughter with jewelry or other valuable things, later, the dowry became the source of income of the family of the groom. Often, payments are a big burden for the family of the bride. Dowry disputes in Indian families have led to thousands of women abused, violated or even killed. Still today, the daughters and sons in India to add partner selection to the Wishes of the parents. Of a woman, it is expected that you will be glad if you will be included in the budget of the parents-in-law. Accordingly, the bride will have to pay parents in a marriage. Often the dowry is laminated as a gift, but actually, the parents negotiate a price, you must return the bride's family to the parents-in-law.

The amount of the dowry depends on appearance, skin color, and education of the bride, as well as according to income, Approximately percent of all Indian marriages are arranged by the parents of the bride and groom.

The families see marriage as an opportunity for economically and socially secure. Even if the consent is crumbling for, is dominated by this practice: partners and time to be determined by the parents and the oldest son of the family.

Although the law prohibits it since, it is widely used

Marriages, which are closed over the box boundaries, are rare. But not always, arranged marriage is seen as a constraint. Many young Indians wish that you, the parents look for the Partner. The family has in India a high priority and the individual is subordinated to the interests of the community. The group rape of a young student in December in Delhi shocked the world. It was also the trigger for the mass protests of Indian women. Because the crime was not an isolated case, women in India are often a dowry, rape victims, murders, honour killings and domestic violence.

it is widely used.

Many officials of the family of the accused and refuse to pursue the case. When victims find the courage to contact the police, they are simply dismissed.

According to a study, India is the woman hostile country among the most important industrial and emerging countries.

In spite of the legal equality of men and women, the country is in the study. But in India's cities, more and more resistance against the deprivation of rights and abuse of women upset.

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