Marriage in Denmark

This is the most convenient and legal way

Why has marriage become so popular in Denmark? Amateurs who want to start a family face many bureaucratic obstacles, especially when it comes to marrying a foreignerThis requires time and effort, and marriage registration is significantly delayed.

If you want to marry a German citizen or a citizen of a European Union country and move to a country of permanent residence, then the fastest and most reliable way is to register a marriage in Denmark.

The required documents for marriage in Denmark are minimal.

And the time for marriage is acceptable. Staying in this country is not the cheapest. So marriage in Denmark is usually not concluded, but only concluded. Often it is couples who want to sign and leave as soon as possible. But every registry Office in Denmark has, according to the documents, its own conditions regarding the number of days of cohabitation, and every administration has mural days. A one-day marriage is not always the most profitable option, as every marriage Agency can claim. Our Agency cooperates with more than thirty marriage administrations covering twenty-two Danish territories. We believe that the most profitable option depends on the customer's needs. For example, a marriage in Copenhagen may be useful for couples living far away from Denmark, but it is not an option if you want it - a quick wedding in Denmark. Marriages performed in Denmark are officially recognized in all EU countries. Registration marriage in Denmark can be performed by citizens of all countries of the world, including Denmark and European countries. If you wish, we can provide you with a qualified lawyer who will help you obtain a residence permit without leaving Germany. Our legal partners promise our clients a discount.

Denmark has created laws, which are suitable for marriage

Fill out our contract on your computer so that you can work with the documents.

Download the Declaration for the registration office and fill it out.

Print it out and sign it.

Don't forget to put today's date next to your signature.

Declaration to the registration service. Get the necessary documents and a signed Declaration at the registry Office and send them by email. We will check your documents and you will receive a response within one day. If all goes well, you will also receive a payment invoice. We do not check the receipt of money every day. Therefore, we ask You to send a payment confirmation for working with the Registry office for one time. Tour of Hamburg Shuttle for registration for a wedding in Denmark Real estate in Germany wedding registration Documents in Denmark Tour of Hamburg Business in Germany Danish guide in Hamburg Support of business meetings Danish guide in Hamburg Business in Germany Danish guide in Hamburg Tour of Hamburg.

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