Mob in India, man beating a because of the likelihood of death WEB

More than people were arrested after the incident

A software developer in India has been beaten by a Mob to deathThe crowd have kept the-Year-old for a child to kidnappers, informed local police on Sunday. Accordingly, at least one of his companions was seriously injured. According to police, the man from Hyderabad was on Friday with four friends on the way back from a picnic in the Bihar district of the southwestern state of Karnataka, as the group was in a village. As one of the excursionists there children chocolates have offered were the villagers become suspicious, and it had formed a Mob. The men fled in their car, but had close to the neighbouring town of an accident. Because on WhatsApp, incorrect information about the visitors were, gathered again a Mob to the group and lashed out at the men. The police step in, could not prevent the death of the husband. In spite of a public awareness campaign in the past months, similar cases of vigilante justice in India.

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