On vacation in Denmark: a lonely tip

Danes is an unusual city of officers and places for lovers

In Abkhazia in September, we decided to leave from twenty cities, being tempted by the relatively cheap vacation and the uselessness of a passportSelect vehicles for the area. Often, owners are looking for a place where they can only repair their car in limited quantities. This book is for those who are interested in maintaining health through proper natural nutrition, which it is the most harmless. If you are lonely and want not only to relax in a foreign country, but also to meet someone, then there is no better place than Denmark.

If you want to know, don't forget to greet them in return

Despite their reserved nature, Danes are very romantic and almost never shy of building"bridges"with strangers of the opposite sex.

However, if you are expecting a wedding or a long-term relationship, you should immediately warn that romantic holidays in the Danish Kingdom almost never have serious consequences.

It is not that the Danes prefer to arrange marriage only with Danes. Only Danish residents are in a panic, afraid of the law, and the penalties for sham marriages in this country are very, very severe. And all the Danes, who are very law-abiding, have always and everywhere remembered this. But if you do not expect to find a life partner, but just want to spend time, go to one of the places for Dating, of which there are a lot in Denmark. When a resident of the Kingdom enjoys a passerby who does not deny the pleasure of participating in a conversation. If you are walking along the numerous paths, sidewalks and streets of Denmark with you! Danes or Danish strangers on the move, don't ask: this is their way of exploring a stranger. Danes rarely meet tourists in Nightclubs. But you will also find other travelers here.

If you go to a bar or restaurant for this purpose, you once forgot about your heroic deed: in Denmark, they did not agree to snatch a person from the meal.

Here you can not rely on the attention of a person and not try to take the initiative in their own hands. Clothing for Danes is not an important aspect. They try to dress discreetly and look for a mate in the same way.

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