Persons staying abroad: Irina from Denmark

But fate helped change the choice

Some time ago, I came across some touching stories about Irene's Danish girls, Danish homes for the disabledI couldn't pass by the wonderful but sad photos from the lives of people with autism in Denmark, I really liked this magazine, and then its bright, active and open host Ira. I asked Irina to answer some questions not only about Denmark, but also about how it Matures after making the decision to leave the country. We all have different reasons, but the story of Irene, like Susie from Finland, will be very interesting, as always the first question about you. How old are you, where were you born and raised, where did you study in Denmark? I I think this is my first interview in my life, and I am also curious to attend this role, thanks to you, Oksana. I'm twenty-nine years old, and I'll be celebrating my birthday in a few months) I was born and raised in Omsk, in the city of Ibera, on the edge of geography.

I went to a normal high school, and it was only in the last two years that I went to high school, where she decided to do what she was really interested in - learning foreign languages.

After graduating from high school, I entered the foreign language Department at a normal University and received a diploma as a teacher of English and French. It didn't work professionally, apparently not for me, and I found a job as a translator in a marriage Agency, where I worked before leaving for Denmark. How did you first know that you wanted to leave Denmark? A good question, I think mainly about the desire to leave Omsk, it is absolutely not my city, if you can say so. At that moment, I didn't know that I didn't like it, I just didn't want to live there and with everyone there.

I've been thinking about that, to go to Copenhagen, I even went there several times in a few months and watched.

Why did you choose this stranger in Denmark? I didn't choose Denmark by accident, the first time I was a sophomore at University, then I just wanted to practice English, and through the Internet I ended up in a Danish family. Why Denmark? He chose a place where there are fewer crimes, where there is stability and peace. The first time I didn't leave, she fell in love and decided with all her heart to stay in Florence. But the second time I left was thanks to my friend from University, she was working there over her work colleague, and I also found a Danish family. If you do not know about your peers, then the program for studying the language and culture of different countries is an opportunity to live in a family and become a family member, help with children and for the home. Was it difficult to arrange your departure and personalize relatives for your move? Now it seems that the organization of your departure is completed in the blink of an eye. I went to Precedent twice, presented my documents at the Danish Embassy, and then took a visa.

At the moment, Denmark is perfect

A very nice Danish grandmother took the interview, asking about the purpose of the trip and plans.

And the tickets are already available, and in January twenty years ago, five years ago, I came to the Kingdom of Denmark. Finding relatives was not difficult, they made it easier for me, as well as my plans and the fact that I am looking forward to leaving Denmark. My mom still sometimes asks me if I want to go back, but I think it's just motherly. Please tell me what is your first impression of the Danish.

There were so many impressions, probably because I came to Europe, everything was surprisingly beautiful and unusual.

I also remember, for example, when he arrived and went to the airport in Copenhagen. I was surprised that Luggage was hanging all over the airport, and in front of it people were sleeping on the floor, which was so clean and comfortable everywhere. Everywhere people are friendly and try to help. Of course, nature, fields and greenery, despite the January month. The air is clean and so pleasant that I can list many more. Please tell me, people.

It is difficult when you have to communicate with people who are different from the Danes? At first glance, the Danes are a friendly people, always ready to help and ask if you need it.

But if you have lived here for some time, you can see that it is not so easy to make friends with people. The reason? The Danes are a family people and they stay with their family in everyday life. Guests can only come by prior arrangement, sometimes for a month, sometimes for two. It was impossible to count on Dane. I studied, for example, at the Danish University, and I am used to it, because no one needs me, and the task to solve it does not help. Each person is for himself, the strongest survives. After many years in Denmark, I can say that the Danes have no friends. I have good friends, but in my daily life I have to deal with Danes. Probably because, that the mentality, culture and interests are too different. Previously, there was a language barrier, now I can say that this is not exactly the reason. Do you know if you are closer to the Danes? Who are they? Danish men cultivate, well-educated, large and beautiful places. To pass a bit of stiffness and. Good family people, always help at home and are not ashamed of it.

Well prepared and they love comfort.

They know how to take care of them, but they know the value of money, so you don't think the restaurant bill will pay your husband. More burning demand from immigrants.

How do the Danes treat immigrants? Many people come from what countries? There are a lot of immigrants in Denmark, especially in Turkey, Iraq and Iran, and the attitude of Danes is ambiguous.

When you talk to someone older, you may feel dissatisfied, which is mainly due to the fact that immigrants do not have the desire to learn Danish, that there is no interest in Danish culture and Danish traditions.

Generally, the attitude can be defined as"the main thing, they did not touch me and well", which they avoid and which they point out with a grain of salt. Personally, I have never felt any reluctance to learn more about their interest and desire to find out how they live in Denmark. What is hard to get used to in Denmark? It is difficult to get used to the absence of"old age", after eighteen years on the streets there is no one left, especially on weekdays and holidays. The shops in eighteen are already closed. Danes prefer to spend the evening with their family, which is too homely. I've read about your work with sick children. Tell our readers how life is arranged in these colleges, they were easy for you. Actually, I've worked with adults where autism is a more complex disease. Where I worked is a development center for people with autism at the age of eighteen. Three patients per employee. They are real professionals and they like it. To give patients a special approach, each day is structured and uses the latest techniques for work with this very disease.

The Danish government provides funds for disabled people, and it constantly updates and improves the living conditions of disabled people.

For example, not so long ago, a law was adopted here, according to which every disabled person should have their own home. Many of them have already received new homes with modern equipment. I work in a very interesting center and I am glad of this opportunity.

Working with these people builds their character.

They went to Denmark to study. What interesting things can you say about the education system in Denmark? In Denmark, education is free for Danes, but there are some opportunities for us newcomers. For example, the College of education, where I studied for a year and received a Danish diploma and a free education for foreigners. The only one is a Danish education, and if you do not study at a Danish language school, then you can go to College. There are still scholarships for free education for foreigners, for this you need to score points and apply, practice it is conducted in English. So there is an opportunity to get an education in Denmark, the main thing is the desire. And the last question: if I could go back, would you go all the way again, or would I choose a different country? Denmark is my country, it has everything I want from life, the opportunity to raise healthy children and enjoy life. If you are still planning to move to another country, I suggest that you learn more about the culture, language and mentality of the country. It is not easy to integrate into a country where you do not like something or where you are dissatisfied with something. Ira, my dear, thank you so much for the story and your work. I want you to keep doing what you want. Live in your favorite country, but don't forget about your relatives.

I am sure that my readers will be happy to follow my wishes.

Thank you again. Friends, don't forget to subscribe to the site's updates and click the"like"button if you really like it. I wish everyone a pleasant Friday and a Sunny weekend.

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