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These Figures are a disgrace for the Indian society

Equality and development“ the world Bank estimates that during the last two centuries, every year some girls were killed because of their genderThe extent of violence against female foetuses and babies shows just how pronounced the prejudice against women, and why women just can imagine, if India goes in and changes. In the coming weeks there will be many discussions between India's most male politicians on the topic of Security. But hardly anyone will ask whether a country is safe, if half of its citizens live in increasing fear, not because of a threat by terrorists or enemy soldiers, but by the society in which they were born. India seems to forget that the safety of the people must also include security for the percent of the female population.

In the year, there were registered cases of Rape

India must urgently address the threats to this population group, ranging from discrimination to violence. Supplement to the editors: The above-mentioned number actually refers to the live-born girls. But the violence against the female gender in India begins even before birth.

Originally, it was assumed that one Million selectively aborted foetuses per year.

But the prenatal technology continues to progress, and state of the art ultrasonic devices are becoming more widespread in India. Recent estimates go from - Million selective abortions of female fetuses per year. In countries where the mortality of infants and children is exclusively biologically controlled, to die less in girls than in boys. But the third survey of National family health (NFHS) revealed that, the Post is neonatal mortality rate for Indian girls, compared to boys. In the age group of one to four years, the child mortality rate for girls is higher than for boys, where you at. The report of the world Bank estimated that India lost alone in the other girl. This systematic massacres can only happen because the society accepts it and the government turns a deaf ear and blind. §§ to the Indian penal code impose penalties for deliberate Causing of miscarriage, Injuring unborn children, preventing the birth of a child or the Cause of his death after birth, as well as for Exposing a child under years. What do you think, how many criminal prosecutions should have in the last few years, on the basis of these laws. It would have to be a million.

The level of violence against the girl as foetus and infant shows how deep in India to the bias against women is sitting, and why women only be sure, if India as a Nation is obvious and changes.

This has not been done, although the census showed that the proportion of female-year-old was dropped since the last census in the States. Millions of girls, of life, are more poorly nourished and educated than their brothers. The United Nation's human Development report calculated that the Indian children to suffer from malnutrition (in comparison, in China). The third survey, National family health revealed that when mothers are malnourished, their children are stunted and killed. The more educated the mothers are, the lower the probability that their children will waste away or perish.

By the way, how the Indian society treats little girls, internalize their brethren, that their needs - as males - have preference over those of their sisters.

What comes out of this is the socialisation of violence against women.

There are no estimates of the extent of physical violence against girls in childhood, but it is safe to assume that it is considerable.

the Indian Ministry of women and child development published a National study on child abuse, shows that of the children surveyed suffered one or more forms of sexual abuse. It would be dangerous, of this limited study suggest that more than half of Indian children suffer from sexual abuse, but it is clearly much more widespread than expected. It is of concern that most of the affected children reported that the Attack was by someone they knew, often a close relative. Data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) confirm that this pattern continues, if the girl is a woman. In the cases the victims knew the perpetrators - the logical consequence is that boys grow up Believing that women only exist to satisfy the needs of the men.

Since the NCRB can only register reported cases, the given data is only the tip of the iceberg of this crime.

The Indian society is resistant to change. The NFHS found that the average wedding age is still just about years, and sees this as an indicator of the low status of women. Furthermore, this fact leads to a weakening of the woman and increase the risk of adverse Effects on reproduction and health. There is sufficient data, to prove how detrimental these are. Women, especially poor women in India are at risk for giving birth extremely. In accordance with the set Millennium Development Goals (development goals) was births, the maternal mortality rate for live. This should be reduced to of. This will not happen. So far, India has reduced the maternal mortality rate to live births. In million live births in India per year, women die at least during the birth. The Indian society is often ignored is also the connection with other problems.

Although under Indira Awad's Bojana, an order was issued that all newly built homes must have a toilet, in fact, very few houses have a toilet.

The need to do his needs Outdoors, seems to be literally an invitation to rape. Complaints to the National Commission on human rights to show how many women are kidnapped or raped, if you go at night in the fields. In many countries, girls are refuse in their Teens, to visit the school or be taken by their parents from the school, because the school building has no toilet. So also her right to education suffers. It is sad, but it was expected that the Indian women, the Belief was instilled that their safety depended on the men dictate to them as good Manners.

The NFHS showed that all the married women are exposed to violence in the marriage.

It shows also, that the women concerned find it acceptable that a husband beats his wife if she goes out without him know, with him arguing that intercourse is denied, the children neglected, not reasonably cooked, the infidelity is suspected or the family of her husband was disrespectful. To quote from the report:"It is all the more more likely that the violence is considered justified if the described behaviour violates what is perceived as acceptable behavior for a woman in her gender role as a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. “ And then the obvious there is more to acts of criminal violence against women. In India, there are huge problems with human trafficking and the special vulnerability of women in conflict zones. Avivas and-women as witches, branded. As before, there are tragedies such as forced marriages, girls are killed because they marry the boy of their choice, or not enough of a dowry to bring, or the unnecessary hysterectomies (surgical removal of the uterus) under the health insurance system. In the society, as well as between States, is based safety. The most Vulnerable are those who are the least secure. Women in India are not in danger safe, because you in this Patriarchal society God's forgotten children. Thus, India's women are safe, you must change the country - there are more women should sit in Parliament and in positions of political and Executive importance.

Each choice brings with it the hope for a new beginning.

But India will not transform. It may not be safe, do not and will not respect developed, as long as the democracy on which it is so proud to be leading the urgently needed fundamental change in the lives of its women. Satyagraha Pal, the author of the here freely translated the original article is a former member of the National human rights Commission. It was briefly mentioned to the General understanding that after the introduction of the new insurance scheme for families below the poverty line, the number of performed hysterectomies increase dramatically. Perhaps some women were able to afford with the appropriate diagnosis, the surgery, all of a sudden. The Increase In however, it was so drastic that it was assumed, would be ill performed, houses the under the RSBY maximum quenched and tempered procedure unnecessarily. For this language, that many of the affected women under years old. inquiries were initiated.

It will probably never be quite cleared up, which operations were necessary.

But cases have been uncovered in which the intervention"had only taken place on paper". Recent reports about the unnecessary operational hysterectomies. Why the Indian woman, Rita Banerjee, founder of"a Million mistakes"campaign, the mass murders of India's women and girls to be referred to as genocide, and the world fights for, that this is also recognised as such and punished, she explains in her article"Why the destruction of Indian women should be seen as genocide (the genocide). “ You can support the fight against the genocide in India, by, for example, the petitions of the campaign sign and the Facebook page of the campaign like.

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