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By the way, this also applies to the chamber of efforts

The hand when you get out of the car probably does not radiate and forward will not pass the door of equality so equality is what feminist Europeans were looking for hereBut we should not immediately adhere to the Grand master talking about compliments and practicing gallantry in detail, but to serious things, we should not expect action from them. he covers us with care and even protection, especially if you are younger than him. In the morning, you Wake up to the noise, wash the dishes, bring coffee to bed, prepare Breakfast, allow yourself to soak into the bed. And they will allow your request for a news channel, even if it is closest to you. Well, when you get out of the car, you can just ask, explain with restraint that it would be nice for you believe Me, this is a knight without spots and without fear of reminding him, there is no need, his main goal is to do everything well. So if you go out with the pleasure of cooking dinner, and not eggs with pasta and lasagna with a delicious salad, a bottle of Italian wine, it will create an atmosphere of home or invite you to dinner in a restaurant, he knows in this sense. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, going shopping, all this with muscles and tattoos, baby strollers or a pregnant child, a quiet game in the Playground. What another person would call a business has long been a habit for many people. Northern Europeans. Both because in Scandinavian families the upbringing of offspring is harmonious, because they actively participate in it, and because the father and mother. This is not true. They are reasonable and calm. But when this incredible dreamer and they like to surprise their partner and satisfy pleasant surprises. But unlike us, even if you combine these speeches to avoid aggravating the problem, don't leave the conflict to chance - solve it. You are well aware that the same thing can suffer later, rather timidly, and more than once take the initiative in the relationship. But you can afford it before you talk about wanting to live together or professing your love, if you feel that he will show his gratitude. Self-consciousness and other shyness can really be said about this person. So, knowing that with this trait of your character, out of a desire to do well, he will take on the role again the first violin. All men, regardless of their nationality, do not understand the antiphon.

This is how their brain works, because they are logic and we are emotions.

So some things can and should speak directly to you. Including your own feelings and desires.

This way, you can avoid many misunderstandings in your life together.

generous, but you know how to count money and see a woman from a distance. The first rule: do not look into your wallet and recognize your income.

Yes, just like any other man, Dane doesn't like scandal

Over time, as we get closer, they will share this information with you. The very fact that you know and have met him, says that the person earns well for their country. Since he has apparently come to meet You with further intentions of getting married or in a serious relationship, consider this, since there will be no bride unless she has a certain monthly income. Believe me, all this was developed a few steps further.

This is unusual for our Lord, but only in the beginning.

Then you will understand that this approach leads to healthy relationships and projects that you will later tell us about, that the population is aging like all of Scandinavia, and that offspring, healthy and beautiful, is the dream of every man and every family. For Dane, the birth of a child is a great event. And my father takes care of it almost completely. Of course, this is not breastfeeding. But changing diapers, feeding with a spoon, going out with a stroller - this is not a burden, but a real privilege of the Vikings, which they are proud to implement. By the way, the UK has a more favorable environmental situation in all European countries, so most women who want to organize a wedding in Denmark, dream of having a child here. Transparent mirrors of virgin lakes, dense beech forests, sandy beaches of the coast surround the little Danes in the city and create a sense of unity with nature. Even the capital of Denmark-Copenhagen-does not look like a typical smog metropolis, but rather is an attractive place to visit moderate family life. If a woman has a child, don't worry. she dreams of sharing children for herself and becoming different and loving the children's relatives, life should be an orderly process, everything should end at school, go to University, study, work, build an adult life, create a family. This responsible approach to life teaches them the system.

Danish residents vacate their homes, and usually only buy them on credit.

Interest rates are around, today some are talking about the possibility of reducing interest rates to one percent. After the recession, people started taking out more loans, and because banks are happy with every customer. In addition, the public economic and financial system exists for people, not just for profit. Well, there are four holidays a year: Easter week (different), autumn holidays (mid-October), annual holidays (three weeks of each summer month) and, of course, Christmas holidays (about two weeks), Norwegian and the Swedish ones are similar. Representatives of all three countries understand each other perfectly. If you know English or German, then you can learn much faster, because the composition and logic of the language are clear. But there are many language courses in the city, outside of the language environment - the best forge of language skills. You can already learn the first word: love. Lovers of beer and good food. We are familiar with the local cuisine: herring, vegetables in oil and delicious dairy desserts, open sandwiches, smoked and seasoned fish, pea soup with smoked meat (Yes, Yes. not our invention.). it is very diverse, but it does not contain borscht. Share your traditions, surprise with your national dishes, and believe me, people will appreciate it. Because ultimately, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. And our wonderful kitchen, like no other, is very convenient, since this method was as short as possible. this is a real gift of fate, so the date in Denmark for the wedding is so popular with the ladies. If you decide to do so making and being chosen as husbands who live in this country is probably not a very good move. Especially in Denmark, the dream of a happy, comfortable and family love nest with a loved one and a reliable person comes true.

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