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You are using an outdated Browser. Please update your Browser to be able to use the full functionality of this Website experience. With regard to men, you have not had the right instinct. Here you’ll learn which fragrance is the right guy attracts love goes through the nose, um, the stomach. If today you have no time to conjure a Five — course menu on the table, you can seduce your dream man is also easy with one of these scents. He is one of your best friends, you can talk to him for hours, laughing, and great stuff company. But as a woman, the guy takes you so far, isn’t it. Then you need a fragrance with her feminine, sensual side particularly to Shine. The fresh, intensive fragrance with a woody-Oriental fragrance notes and salty vanilla chords opens the obtuse hardest case, the eyes and the senses. The competition is great, you have to be to sharp guns. Our perfume tip to stand out from the crowd. According to legend, loved an Indian Emperor in the fourth century his wife so much that he left as a sign of his love, the luxurious gardens, Salima build. Perfumer Jacques Guerlain took the story to a very sensual and seductive, Oriental fragrance for women inspired. Citrus fruits, Jasmine, white musk and Vanilla are among the ingredients. Get the scent of power in the conquest of the Much-sought-after-to-Use. To get to with a gentle guy on a wavelength, you should be delicate in terms of perfume-a seductive approach. Such men are rather on the fragile women type. In the new women’s fragrance combine sensual musk, warm sandalwood, powdery musk, incense and crisp-fresh rose notes, this is an elegant perfume, you bring the good guy to the Glow, without overwhelming him. Men with artistic ambitions, are always in search of Inspiration.

You were his Muse

With personality, imagination and a keen eye for the beautiful side of life you have in this type of man the best chance. Fragrance: fresh, floral-Oriental fragrance for women men who are at the beginning of your career, polishing your Image with a Business-Woman. You can impress with, for example, a women’s fragrance from Boss, the dynamic, Fresh emits and also in Meetings underlines your eloquence and intelligence. Established, successful business men, however, to the most elegant ladies perfumes such as for example the Sporting men like in General, fresh scents. With powdery notes they scare you. The Attention to achieve this, often, narcissistic specimens of man is not so easy, so strong, seductive, sensual ingredients are a Must. The bottle is the shape, the sporty men women love: slim and well proportioned. The fragrance is characterized by a natural Freshness, complemented by the very feminine notes of Ylang-Ylang, damask rose and Jasmine petals. Tip: If you want to conquer her Prince in the gym, not to wear to much perfume. The better the skin blood circulation is, the more intense the scent develops — and an Excess of attractants to be a quick turn-off. Sensual and spirited, the bikers should choose wedding your perfume, and more intense like, so that the fragrance is also glimpse under the helmet and leather gap still sexy. A good choice is the perfume (ml Edip cost around Euro). Here temperament make full notes of orange blossom, Rose, patchouli and vanilla together, United in the sharp Corsage-Bottle. With the right perfume you need to wrap the men expertly around the Finger. But keep in mind: no Matter what type of man you are, the most important is, of course, that you can smell good