Currently, Danish verbs are not conjugated depending on the person. This means that the verb remains unchanged for me, hi, ha, etc.

This course includes everything you need to talk for a week or two. Easy-to-use software along with a workbook allows you to learn Danish where whatever you want — at home, in the car, or nearby. Whether you are a beginner or already speak Danish in some way, you will be amazed at how quickly you master this language. We want our website to be perfect, and»perfect»means»error-free in eighteen languages». Help us with this, and we will give You the opportunity to take part in a free course of study in Denmark. Just read this page and send us an extension for any bugs or fingerprints you find on this page. You can contact us by clicking on the»Contact»button at the top of the menu bar.

We all have our own reasons for learning Danish

We all have our own reasons for learning a language.

You can download the worksheet in Danish

Each week, several worksheets are provided free of charge