India: parents may soon be able to monitor teaching via Live Stream - MIRROR ONLINE

If you wanted to, could parents keep track of in Delhi, soon the teaching of their children, and live on the phoneThe government announced on Wednesday that it wanted to set up in the next three months, surveillance cameras in all the class of the state schools rooms, as several Indian media reported.

Accordingly, the Board of education of the Union territory of Delhi, the Indian capital, is developed, there is currently a App.

In order to parents can log in to the live...

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(Denmark): A good lawyer in Denmark

Answer the email:"Olga"It is surprising that one person first leaves the country, and then tells everyone how to"live well"Natalia. Response to an email:"Veronika (Denmark): I need a good divorce lawyer in Denmark."For me, it's the other way around. Comments on the letters of Victoria from Sweden (the Reality of life in a foreign marriage) and Tatiana from Germany (foreign Men know how to love, but this feeling has nothing to do with the ma...

What makes a man interesting. Dating Psychology

Simple - because most men are “easy”

Something let me tell you about women will tell you that most men will NEVER know: It comes to be a CHALLENGEIf you - like all men - ask the question, what makes a man interesting, then, is a challenge for women. To be a challenge is one of the simplest and yet most effective methods that you distinct from other men. It doesn't matter where you're in a Club, the edge of the road, in the Café, at work, in a Bar, ANYWHERE - it just works.

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