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Girls as sex slaves - mirror of the world - the ARD, The First

We meet Munevera Khan in a women's centre in Hyderabad

She says she is years old

In your face, the tragedy is reflected in your life so far: eleven-year-old she had been when her parents sold you for.

The Euro: 'I was not even asked. My Relatives came together and have decided to get married, to a -year-old man from Oman. But you told me it was only on the day of the wedding. When I saw the old man, I just cried. I protested and I said, I'm much too young for ...

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Virtual trip to Denmark MESSAGE in PHOTO

We are going on a virtual trip to Denmark

We will visit the city and villages, see the seascapes and beauty of the mountains, get acquainted with the culture and people of this amazing countrySo let's continue and enjoy the beauty of the Kingdom of Denmark. See also the new Danish tourist attraction releases: Rainbow Panorama, world's richest countries, Gippieland Kristiania.

Male from Denmark, Dating in Denmark

Usually Danes are very caring and friendly fathers

When you meet Danish men, you will probably notice that they are, after all, modest, quiet and taciturn, but at the same time quite dullA typical Dane-she is a very hardworking and decent person, infinitely attentive to her family, a true intellectual and gentleman. Meeting in Denmark for the purpose of building long-term relationships and creating a family that is very popular among Danish women. And Danish husbands are some...

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