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Blackout in India: power outage hits millions of people - MIRROR ONLINE

The international airport was also powered by generators

Hamburg - traffic lights and air-conditioning systems, trains and U-tracks, hospitals, shops and offices need to hire emergency generators: A day after the huge Blackout in the North of India down is now also in the East and North-East of the streamThis is about the half of the country is without electricity, affecting around million people. Also in the capital city of New Delhi there is no electricity.

The news...

ProSieben - Videos

The Grand Finale of 'Masters of Dance' Between the Companies of Nikäa, Julien and Vartan decides who is chosen for victory company, and which is the dancer overEuro may look forward to. This Website uses own Cookies and third party Cookies to analyse the use of our website to showcase your browsing experience to personalize and provide you with interesting information (creation of user profiles). If you put your visit to the Fort, you agree to the use of such Cookies. Please visit our....

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