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This service is international, so you can communicate with people from different countriesIn addition, on this site you will find not only his love, but also people who understand you.

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Many people couldn't find their soul mate in real life because they couldn't go for the first one a date with a man.

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Girl questions whether she has a boyfriend. (Love, Friendship, Women)

And what if there really is a 'no'

You can steer your conversations in certain directions in which it is said usually, if you have a Partnerwhat do you do on weekends. Or bring the conversation on relationships, men, love, feelings, etc. on the Basis of your Statements, you can often piece together whether she has boyfriend or not. Of course, you can ask them directly, but I've done this actually, never, because I don't like in the cards view -) Alternatively, you can, as oth...

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