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It becomes part of a big eventFor the first time, we have our own line - the"Most OK"award, where the best movies, TV series, songs, shows, live streaming, online, concerts and blogs for twenty years, voted for the favorite project in each category, and an exclusive badge will appear on your adventure, as well as you will be able to see who has succeeded at this stage, breaking the guide's participation in the vote every day u...

Facts about Denmark's Dani Ioannina eyes (photo)

In Denmark, these are very delicious sweets

Moreover, even in the simplest shops that can be found on almost every cornerDanish sweets are so good that a kind of subculture has formed around them. Almost every Great Dan will tell you about their favorite rolls and cakes, as well as where you can buy them. Despite the passion for sweets, suffering fullness will not satisfy. Most stores are closed for five to six days. So if you need time to shop, you should hurry up. This is d...

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India: Indian love the village of the girl

The men drink, beat women and children, many to be dead

The village life is at the endNow the girls of the village have taken your destiny and your place. The daily routine of an Indian girl looks like the following: It goes to school, comes home, works at home, cooks, or cleans, takes care of siblings, doing homework and goes to bed. Because one thing is clear: women have to be subordinate to the man. Abuse and rape are common, girls die of neglect because they are less than...

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