At night, it's like sitting with a friend on the Internet

The weather is almost nocturnal, snow has fallen slightly in the window and silence reignsWe decided to laugh with her. I was on the site. As usual, there were perverts, Negroes, and only the stupid ones. Since I was already hoping not to meet anyone interesting, I was going to close the window, because suddenly a new interlocutor appeared. That's what Tanya says. Do you think there's going to be something cool now, or...

Anuschka Marchand explains why, in every woman a destructive goddess

Anuschka Marchand: Yes, absolutely

Reason enough to meet With the main actress Anuschka Marchand in a Berlin backyard, and to talk about the controversial Film, the life of women in India, the ideological chasms of Bollywood and the future of a society that is consumed via their mobile phones porn, but otherwise is a pretty large Problem with a naked woman skinIn addition, the-Year-old, who is in India as a pop star, very successful, and explains why you should not invest in ...

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