Denmark online webcam, look at the popular camera

On the website"Denmark Cameras"you can keep up to date with the most interesting events in different parts of the countryThis cozy Kingdom is located in the South of Scandinavia, in the bosom of the North and Baltic seas. It includes many Islands and part of the Jutland Peninsula with sand dunes, coniferous forests and numerous lakes. Sea cruises and holidays on the Danish Riviera beaches are especially popular among tourists. Most interesting for the economy, the cities are Copenhagen...

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India: man invents edible spoon to the world from plastic waste to spare

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You can call it a new milestone in the field of sustainability, or just a tasty Alternative to plastic utensils: The founder of Bakays, Narayanan invented to made of natural Material, edible spoon can be use for food and then the food yourself as an eco-friendly and nutritious way to eat consumeSince, he has managed to sell in India every year, millions of spoons. They are made from the flour of rice, wheat, and Sorghum in eight sweet and savor...

Danish language. Learn Danish online via Skype

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Courses for those who want to study in a free mode, but with a clear programThose who want to achieve results quickly and in a short time. Training is based on technical communication, according to non-academic standards textbooks and interactive technical and conversational practice"pop".

You speak from the first lessons, but you also improve your listening, reading and writing skills.

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