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Fotoland is a Danish social network that allows you to spend time, expand communication and meet new peopleHere you can play popular online games with your friends to have fun with your electronic pet, and the reliable mobile version allows you to stay in constant communication even when you are not at the computer.

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It becomes part of a big eventFor the first time, we have launched our own line - the"Most OK"award, where the best movies, TV series, songs, shows, live broadcasts, online, concerts and blogs will vote for your favorite project in each category for twenty years, and an exclusive badge will appear on your adventure, as well as you will be able to see who managed to hack the guide at this stage-every day until the event's th anniversary. In fact, the more support those who take part in ...

Study of the Danish language - it is a complete course in Danish language

Learn Danish easily, playfully and quickly

Currently, Danish verbs are not conjugated depending on the personThis means that the verb remains unchanged for me, hi, ha, etc. This course includes everything you need to talk for a week or two. Easy-to-use software along with a workbook allows you to learn Danish where whatever you want - at home, in the car, or nearby. Whether you are a beginner or already speak Danish in some way, you will be amazed at how quickly you master th...

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