Hum TUM - I crazy you, love - Indian girl

Hum and TUM are his cartoon characters

Channel Kohli was the Director and the producer Adyta was ChopraRani Mokerie and Safi Ali Khan to play the two main actors Rhea and Karan. Hum TUM (translation: me and You or just You) is based on Harry and Sally, and follows the encounters of the two main characters, which, after a few years, and many Meetings, friends and eventually fall in love.

Karans comic characters Hum and TUM have their own animated sequences in the movie...

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Unhappy marriage: These things interfere with unhappily married

But why are so many relationships in a separation

What starts off as a great love in the fairy tale ends, unfortunately, only too often in a horror filmThe butterflies fly by, a man and a Woman live apart, have less Sex and to catch, suddenly imagining what it would be like to be with someone else. And why we know so few couples who make it, to want to several years only to each other. We wanted to know, and have spoken with unhappy married men.

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India: women in India - Asia - culture - Planet Knowledge

The dowry has been used in India for centuries of Tradition

India's women will ways, in many discriminated against: abuse, abortion of female fetuses, abduction, and rape are not isolated incidents, but a mass phenomenonThe low estimate of women is also reflected in the still frequently demanded dowry of the bride. Originally, the bride's family provided her daughter with jewelry or other valuable things, later, the dowry became the source of income of the family of the groom...

All minutes is raped in India, a child-Year-old raped, the hospital refused the treatment student no longer is allowed to enter after the rape of a school network, women network, women's

Thus, a spit began to run the gauntlet of the father

MEPs call for a change in the law, because the rapes of children have switched in the last five yearsAccording to National Crime record all minutes will need a child between the ages of two and years in India, miss. A small -year-old girl was raped by two-Year-old, what her poor parents went with the child to the police station and the incident reported.

In India, it is necessary that a first information report (FIR...

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