Familiarity with the common Danish. A story from new Zealand. Denmark

On the eve of the first Danish premiere, I met Gertrude, the hostessShe was on vacation.

I went into the large living room, and as soon as it was clear that it was in the uncontrolled domain of the child's imagination.

Everywhere there are Amateurs standing up, positive color pictures hanging, my good friend's daughters hanging fast and in artificial warmth - in the evening we talked about countries and life. My family asked me about the situation in RUSSIA and Ukraine....

Webcam Denmark online. Watch out for life in Copenhagen

In Northern Europe, you will find a fascinating country that you can explore by activating our Danish Webcams onlineThis mysterious Scandinavian pearl is rightfully called the European pearl, a symbol of rare beauty. Green spaces, gardens and parks, clean streets and mass entertainment - You will be able to see all this with your own eyes and admire the equipment of the country.

We have installed the camera in the capital of the state on the territory of the old Kingdom around ...

India - the Largest democracy in the world - women in India

Indologist and foreign correspondent for Focus

Language and study stays you already had before getting back into the countryHer fascination for India, the addiction between Tradition and progress its way, it has retained until today. This Text is published under the Creative Commons license. The Name of the author, rights-holder should be called.

Author: Dorothea Riecker for images graphics Videos are to be found directly in the images.

India fascinates.


Marrying a Dane-advantages and disadvantages

To go on a date with the Danes - it's a lottery

A modern girl, a woman with a wide choice, often prefers citizens of other countriesFor example, Arabs, Chinese, Americans, French, Spaniards, and, for example, Danes are born into families. Danes occupy a special niche when it comes to meetings with foreigners. The men of Denmark, a distant, peaceful and moderate Kingdom, live their own lives, and in other countries they seek the same ideal good to satisfy all their needs. Ofte...

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