Roulette is an old game of chance

The game can be played alone, with your partner, or with the world in General

The rules are too simple.

In the morning, after a dream, before opening your eyes, the player must remember something that is worth waking up for.

If you remember that, he won. If he doesn't remember, then the game is lost, and waking up doesn't make sense.

She was approached by a Danish Prince

The winner gets a day of life ...

Denmark will introduce sex education courses for refugees

Let the children be forgiven a hundred times

It becomes part of a big eventFor the first time, we have launched our own line-the"Most OK"award, where for the favorite project in each categories will vote for the best movies, TV series, songs, entertainment, live streams, online, concerts and blogs for twenty years, and an exclusive plaque will appear on your adventure, as well as you will be able to see who managed to break the guidebook at this stage Take every day until the...

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Matriarchy in India: the Kingdom of the girl TIME ONLINE

The children receive their names

To the girl it is in the case of the Khasi, the natives in the Indian state of MeghalayaBecause only the birth of a daughter, ensures that the clan can continue to exist. If the youngest daughter is to marry, draws her husband into the house of the family. Between and the photographs of Karolin clapper spent a total of ten months in the Khasi village. In their staged, contemplative images, it shows the personality of the girls and the life-wor...

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