Marriage in Denmark

This is the most convenient and legal way

Why has marriage become so popular in Denmark? Amateurs who want to start a family face many bureaucratic obstacles, especially when it comes to marrying a foreignerThis requires time and effort, and marriage registration is significantly delayed.

If you want to marry a German citizen or a citizen of a European Union country and move to a country of permanent residence, then the fastest and most reliable way is to register a m...

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Denmark will introduce sex education courses for refugees

Let the children be forgiven a hundred times

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There are rumors that a very good practice of Danish roulette was born in Denmark, but this is probably just a fiction, with some training sessions or an unused, recently famous laptop

The rule is this: the morning does not end with brushing your teeth, and you ask a question that you remember or invented that it is worth getting out of bed today.

Since this is not possible, I suggest you set a date and answer: If today is what I have to Wake up for? The winner is the p...

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