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The girl with the Indian emerald - Indian girl

Short-hand you book a flight to India and is on the way

Shortly before Christmas, the teacher Annie Kruger receives a phone call from IndiaHer father, who is supposed to be on holiday in Spain, has disappeared from a Hotel in Jaipur. On the way, she learns to Board the aircraft to the rich Indian Arun. After arriving In India, Annie is on the way to the Hotel, in which her father had accustomed her stolen your purse and you get to know the Indians Karan.

Karan is a pa...

Denmark, the first exhibition. Live the dream

The campsite was not only far from busy roads and trails

Denmark was different, in the sense that it was not like on GermanyI start something new and soft, along the road where the bike path ran, the intersections with the roads were painted blue. The person whose request for a trip we wrote replied that he was going on a trip and gave a link to a site where you can find a place to stay for the night, because there is a network of free campsites in Denmark. As in the early af...

All minutes is raped in India, a child-Year-old raped, the hospital refused the treatment student no longer is allowed to enter after the rape of a school network, women network, women's

Thus, a spit began to run the gauntlet of the father

MEPs call for a change in the law, because the rapes of children have switched in the last five yearsAccording to National Crime record all minutes will need a child between the ages of two and years in India, miss. A small -year-old girl was raped by two-Year-old, what her poor parents went with the child to the police station and the incident reported.

In India, it is necessary that a first information report (FIR...

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