Marriage in Denmark

This is the most convenient and legal way

Why has marriage become so popular in Denmark? Amateurs who want to start a family face many bureaucratic obstacles, especially when it comes to marrying a foreignerThis requires time and effort, and marriage registration is significantly delayed.

If you want to marry a German citizen or a citizen of a European Union country and move to a country of permanent residence, then the fastest and most reliable way is to register a m...

Boys and girls separately

For girl, this image in the natural Sciences

In the Wake of the equality of the sexes is a request, boys and girls separatelyGirls achieve better grades and higher qualifications than boys, so that a separation by gender, is displayed in the school as a solution to the problem. Curricula are oriented towards gender and writing girls and boys social roles based on stereotypes. The children in different classes are separated from each other to teach, can eliminate this Problem....

A girl from Denmark

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It is a highly developed industrial and agricultural system

The Danish line is the southernmost country on the Scandinavian PeninsulaThe form of government in Denmark is a constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch and a unicameral Parliament carry out all legislative activities. It has been a member of the European Union for many years, but is not yet part of the Euro area.

It is washed into the North and Baltic seas

It also has its own national currency...

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See the website of the Danish camera online in real time possible throughout the dayYou can also see the webcam in other countries: Serbia, Indonesia, Ecuador, Turkey, Australia, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Georgia. Now the average temperature in Denmark is about fourteen degrees. Denmark's Webcams can be found on this page.

There are Webcams installed in Denmark

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